Patterns & Portals: Exploring The Fabric of Reality

August 5, 2016 § 8 Comments


“Plato said God geometrizes continually.” ~ Plutarch 

Sacred geometry patterns have been associated with mystical schools of thought for time immemorial, from the medicine wheels of North American tribal cultures to the sand mandalas of Tibetan Buddhism. But why?

At the forefront of this question is the idea that, because we see mathematical formulas & recurring geometric patterns in nature, math must be the highest form of expression—as mathematician Carl Friedrich Gauss said, echoing Plutarch & Plato before him: “God arithmetizes.”

golden ratio, sacred geomtery in nature, sunflower

But many of today’s meditation practitioners & psychonauts are discovering a far more intimate connection to these patterns: through developing third eye perception, or spiritual/energetic sight, we are, many of us, beginning to visually perceive these sacred geometry patterns emerging from reality itself. (See the comments section of  Parallax’s “The Art of Seeing: Third Eye Perception & The Mystical Gaze,” for a plethora of reported anecdotal experiences.)

Psychedelics, such as ayahuasca, magic mushrooms & LSD, are also popular portals into viewing these sacred designs—though they are only brief glimpses into states which meditation can achieve in a more sustainable manner.

The implications of so many people perceiving these patterns—not just reading about them, but experiencing them directly—are profound. In a recent visionary journey with a friend we both came to the conclusion that existence is a constantly recycling infinity, much like the shape known as a torus.

torus, giff Source

This insight was accompanied by a tremendous sense of safety and security, because there was no falling through the cracks in this model of reality: everything remained part of the moving whole, and energy was never destroyed—the endless cycle spoken about in ancient texts, particularly of Eastern origin.

Viewed from above, a torus becomes a mandala, which is particularly interesting when we contemplate how long mandalas have been around, and how the modeling of the three dimensional torus is a relatively new construct.

torus from above, yantra, mandala Source

To those of us seeing through the spiritual eye, it appears not only that we each have a personal vortex of this nature within our own skulls—the third eye—but also that the greater fabric of reality is composed of these patterns. The more we cultivate our third eye perception, the more we will see these patterns emerging. Staring at the sky on a clear night or during a day with no clouds can be a great place to begin seeing these patterns emerge.

Our culture doesn’t encourage skywatching, because it has forgotten the importance of cultivating Being—conspiracy theorists might say this is no coincidence. But that is where we seekers must pave our own paths and rekindle the ancient truth that stillness & contemplation are essential for understanding, and hence progress.

Meditation, of course, is a major gateway into starting to perceive this phenomena—particularly third eye based meditations. (Although not specifically third eye based, Headspace offers a fantastic free guided meditation app that will get you comfortable with the basics.)

third eye meditation visionary artSource

So how does it all come together? What does it mean? For one, it means we are living in an energetic matrix, that we ourselves are composed of these fine patterns, which suggests a larger coherence & beauty underpinning existence than might meet the physical eye.

It would appear that the sacred mandalas repeated throughout history are intended as portals to initiate awakening to this awareness.

As the veil begins to lift, we see that we are more beautiful than we had imagined, that life is more full of the potential for joy than we may have conceived. And that this beauty and joy is already ours in its potential. It is not something that we can buy. It is something that we are. All that we need to do is access this untapped state within.

self-love, roses blooming inside silhouette, double exposure, flowers“Jade Rose” By Sara K. Byrne

As we become more aligned with these patterns of existence, we begin to receive more personal revelations and connect more dots—find more pieces to the puzzle. Our instinct becomes sharper…and our anxiety begins to recede. Because the more we understand about the nature of existence, the more we see that, from an ontological standpoint, there is nothing to fear.

We see that, while there are many atrocities perpetuated by man, the universe itself is always waiting, within stillness, to lead us home back to ourselves, to a place of peace and eternal unfolding.

child painting a flower of life

When I experienced this state of satori recently on my vision quest, I was particularly aware of one thread running throughout all of my visions: a sense of deep sacredness & reverence for life, which permeated all of existence. A feeling of sublime love was central to the feeling, and I understood why so many great spiritual thinkers return to the idea that Love is at the center of everything.

The more aware we become of our own being, the more tenderness & compassion we develop towards ourselves. The more tenderness & compassion we develop for ourselves, the more kindness we are able cultivate towards others—the more rippling outward effects we create, which is ultimately the road to world peace.

SacredContract matrix visionary art“Sacred Contract” by Robby Donaghey

At the conclusion of our vision quest, my friend voiced that she would never feel purposeless again, because she had tasted this state of intoxicating unity & bliss within her own Being. “It’s simple,” she said. “The purpose is to attain this frequency as much as possible, and to cultivate it wherever & however possible.”

This was music to my ears, because I have come to exactly the same conclusion, and it has served me well.

This is the higher consciousness we have been striving to bring forth.

Robby Donaghey "awakening", sacred art, visionary art, stars, matrix, meditation, sacred geometry“Awakening,” by Robby Donaghey

“There is nothing to seek and find, for there is nothing lost. Relax and watch the ‘I am’. Reality is just behind it. Keep quiet, keep silent; it will emerge, or, rather, it will take you in.”

~ Sri Nisargadatta Maharaj

See “Connectivity Through Form: Sacred Geometry & The Golden Mean,”

“Beyond Division: Studies in Bliss”

& “Inward Bound: Exploring The Fractal Matrix.”

















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§ 8 Responses to Patterns & Portals: Exploring The Fabric of Reality

  • Rod says:

    Hi Tai,

    I’ve never been on a Vision Quest. I’ve played the drum in a couple of Native American ceremonies over the years. However, I’ve been a long-time member of a school where I take classes and learn about creating reality. At home, I practice what we call “disciplines” everyday. It’s just focus exercises, creating what you want in life, and developing your mind.

    For me, getting into a rhythm and doing daily practice is what has made the difference for me. It’s not for everyone, and there are plenty of distractions that provide you with reasons not to do it. But doing it allows you to keep connected and not react so emotionally to what’s going on around you. It doesn’t make you into a robot, just someone who is not ruled by their emotions. That gives you a power of sorts because your energy is not so scattered, and you can use it to create things you want in your life.

    There is an interpretation in quantum mechanics that says that consciousness creates reality. More specifically, “human consciousness is the site of the wave function collapse.” Most quantum physicists still are too locked into hard science, where if you can’t see it, or prove it in the laboratory, it doesn’t exist. But, numerous experiments have shown that the observer does affect what is being observed.

    I agree that this place would be a much better place if more people looked inside themselves for answers rather than outside. I think it’s valuable to have a teacher to point the way, but no matter what you do, if you focus on the future and work to be better connected yourself, that can affect the people around you.

    As usual, a very nice post.


    • Tai Woodville says:

      Thanks for your thoughtful comment, Rod!

      I love that approach and have been trying to get a routine of that nature down as well. On the days where I managed it, I felt noticeably more centered and on point. Thanks for the affirmation!

      On on,


  • angelahite1 says:

    Great post, Tai, as all of yours are. And your image curation is the best!

  • Gulliver says:

    Thank you, this came along at the perfect moment. Truly synchronistic. And i must say, certain lines remind me of Rainer Maria Rilke’s Elegies and Sonnets with a modern quantum twist of Nassim Harramein.

    Lovely writing, Tai, and incredibly stimulating for all aspects of the mind and soul. It’s been a while, and i didn’t realize down inside i was hungry for deep thoughts and authentic contemplation.

    • Tai Woodville says:


      It’s not everyday one’s writing gets compared to a Nassim Harramein inspired Rilke! 🙂 Thank you so much for your thoughtful comment. It truly brightened my day & made my morning.

      I do absolutely write this blog from a flow-seeking place of serendipity….so it always delights me to hear it is received in line with that approach.

      Thank you also for your thoughtful email. I’m so deeply pleased to hear my posts are being printed out into hard copies (somehow makes them feel more real) & circulated among fellow seekers & wisdom keepers. I do hope it finds them in a synchronistically aligned moment of their lives as well…somehow, since it is being delivered on the wings of your revelatory flow state, I have high hopes it will.

      Timing is everything, and I love to hear that this post found you at just the right instant. I would also love to hear about your book when you are ready to start promoting it. And I’m sure our readers would be interested as well. Do keep us apprised!

      Thanks again, on on!


      • Gulliver says:

        Yes, i reserve the right to print out anything important and totally ignore my computer when it comes to reading. And having given up the smart(ass) phone, i now use a flip-phone and have been happy to also keep the old iPhone around for music and podcast/lecture storage.

        I forget where i read it on Parallax, but its so simply true that freedom and “power is the right to choose” and it a world of conveniences we don’t need to worry about making many choices anymore, but like a well rooted river that has meandered many a season down the canyon of perspective through the ageless precession where bits of floating wisdom-bark eventually get pushed to the bank, and ashore––we too should consider our daily paths through life and make deliberate choices as to the direction we’re going. And the more emphasis we put on these healthy flows of energy and creativity, the deeper our roots do grow.

        Thank you for your words and thoughts, Tai.

        And i would be honored to share my book with everyone here!

        So, to take the liberty and offer an exciting literal libation, here’s my book:

        It’s crafted to be an insightful read, as much is it it for coloring or abstract contemplation of ink art.

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