Object Recognition

June 29, 2016 § 1 Comment

3D-Robot-byBenedict-Campbell (18).forblogSource

There is something different about today. Dr. Perry’s facial muscles are registering high degrees of tension associated with smiling. He is giving off a pheromone of anticipation. But I have learned it’s not considered polite to mention a scent in the hormonal spectrum. It is only acceptable to comment on perfumes, and then, only in a complimentary manner. I have three hundred and fifty-six possible salutations, and beyond that, four-thousand-and-forty-nine possible reconfigurations of existing salutations. But today, I go for the basic:

“Greetings, Doctor Perry.”[To continue reading this flash fiction piece by Parallax author Tai Woodville go to www.visitantlit.com]










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  • Kristine Rudow says:

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