Inward Bound: Exploring The Fractal Matrix

June 17, 2014 § 12 Comments

By: Tai Carmen

spiral-7684-1280x800[Fractal Spirals]

“So alienated from ourselves are we that when we encounter our own souls in the psychedelic dimension, we mistake it for a UFO. This is serious alienation folks, I think we have to get back into the inner jeweled realm and make ourselves at home there.” ~ Terence McKenna

“In some sense man is a microcosm of the universe; therefore what man is, is a clue to the universe. We are enfolded in the universe.” ~ David Bohm

In “The Art Of Seeing: Third Eye Perception & The Mystical Gaze,” I explored the phenomenon of inner visions experienced in meditation, such as mandalas and other “third eye” phenomena. The “third” or “inner” eye has been called a gateway to other dimensions, a personal portal leading into esoteric visionary realms.

vortext, portal

“The Art of Seeing” received one of our largest, most in-depth reader responses. The comments section is filled with shared accounts from readers of their adventures in inner space.

There were a lot of fascinating similarities. The most common reports were of geometric patterns, and of perceiving blue, purple or magenta swirls—often taking the form of tunnels, passageways, vortexes or, as one reader described it, a golden hallway. There was a common theme of sensing it to be some kind of inner portal.

fractal_universe_by_csuk_1t-d5done0-1[Fractal Universe by CSuck-1T]

While Eastern mystical traditions have described the existence of the third eye, the energy body & chakra system for ages, the direct perception of these fields is a pioneering study. At this point, anecdotal sharing affirms that ours are not isolated experiences, but contact with a genuine dimension of reality.

Which raises the question: what is the nature of that reality?

M.C. Escher, unraveling faces[M.C. Escher]

 Quantum physicists, philosophers, cosmologists & psychonauts alike have all observed a holographic potential to the nature of reality.

A hologram contains the whole within the part. Not only is this true of our bodies—one cell, of course, contains our whole genetic blueprint—but the natural world is made up of recurring patterns, which repeat on every scale, from micro to macro, known as fractals. We observe the same formations, such as the Fibonacci Spiral, shown below, in both the macro universe & on the micro (sub-atomic) level.

recurring fibonacci spiral

Below, a microscopic image of a bacterial colony structure demonstrates fractal qualities:


In one experiment, or “chaos game,” numbers are randomly generated & then placed on a grid.

Within a few dozen repetitions, the shape we would recognize as a perfect fern will emerge from the abstract math. This is because Nature, in Her elegance, follows the simplest & most efficient possible path.

fractal ferns

“Many things previously called chaos are now known to follow subtle fractal laws of behavior.

“So many things turned out to be fractal, that the word “chaos” itself (in operational science) has been redefined as ‘following inherently unpredictable yet generally deterministic rules, based on nonlinear iterative equations.’ Fractals are unpredictable in specific details, yet deterministic when viewed as a total pattern…” (Fractal Patterns in Nature)

Fractal-like formations are often reported during both mediative visions and psychedelic journeying.

Fractal-Mobius-Dragon-IFS-10[Fractal Kit]

In an interview for “New Realities,” Alan Steinfeld asks visionary artist Alex Grey about his use of grids in his inter-dimensional, metaphysically themed paintings. “It comes from seeing the grid work in meditation and on psychedelic voyages,” replies Grey, “and it seems to be related to one’s perceptions and projections. ‘Theologue’ [shown below] is a recounting, an experience of witnessing a grid work that was emanating from my own awareness.

AlexGreySolarPlexus[“Theologue” by Alex Grey]

Continues Grey: “I was a node in the sourcing of the web and felt so expansive I was beyond my sourcing it. I could see it projecting from my awareness. Since we are all projecting it, it is a part of all of us. It is an aspect of our being.

“The grid is not a manifestation of the conceptual mind, but of transcendental wisdom mind.”


The ancient Avatamsaka Sutra describes the universe as a giant web, known as “Indra’s Net”:

“Far away in the heavenly abode of the great God there is a wonderful net which has been hung by some cunning artificer in such a manner that it stretches out indefinitely in all directions. In accordance with the extravagant tastes of deities, the artificer has hung a single glittering jewel at the net’s every node, and since the net itself is infinite in dimension, the jewels are infinite in number.

“There hang the jewels, glittering like stars of the first magnitude, a wonderful sight to behold. If we now arbitrarily select one of the these jewels for inspection and look closely at it, we will discover that in it’s polished surface there are reflected all the other jewels in the net, infinite in number. Not only that, but each of the jewels reflected in this one jewel is also reflecting all the other jewels, so that the process of reflection is infinite.”

The jeweled net is an excellent description of a hologram, as each jewel contains an image of all the others.

indra's net, dewey spiderweb

In 1982, a team of researchers lead by Alain Aspect, discovered that subatomic particles, such as electrons, are able to instantaneously communicate with one another, regardless of how much space separated them.

This discovery, known as quantum entanglement, violates Einstein’s long-held tenant that no communication can travel faster than the speed of life, and is tantamount to breaking the time barrier.

Physicist David Bohm suggested this discovery implied an inherently illusory, interconnected & holographic nature to reality (detailed in his book, “Wholeness & The Implicate Order.”)

ThirteenthFloor[Poster for “Thirteenth Floor”]

The fact that grid work, geometric forms & fractal imagery is regularly experienced by psychonauts from varying backgrounds suggests a Matrix-like possibility to the nature of reality.

After all, nothing is solid, the micro contains the macro & mathematics makes up the fundamental expressions of our world.


“We live in a fractal world of extraordinary beauty, full of information” notes metaphysical author & clairvoyant Stuarte Wilde. “But the sight of it is denied to us, at first anyway. To see is to be able to perceive the geometric reality that makes up your body and all of nature, and to see the angelic and the celestial heavens, as well as be more aware of the dangers of the hell worlds and the dark fractals people fire.

“We are inside complex geometric formula that describe our health, abundance, moods, creativity, our psychology…but mostly they describe our energy and vitality, or a lack of it. This sea of energy around us dictates what happens to us in 3-D; it shapes our fate, just as fractals dictate the shape of a fern leaf.”

fractal_eye_01[The Doors of Perception, Stuart Wilde]

What are your pieces to the puzzle?

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§ 12 Responses to Inward Bound: Exploring The Fractal Matrix

  • Reblogged this on Spartan of Truth and commented:
    Thanks for sharing this…

  • Tai, Thanks so much for this post. It’s one of the best here at Parallax (and you’ve got some great ones:)! I am always seeing or envisioning crystals of ice-they must be my golden hallway, and I am learning so much balancing them against the metaphysical principles explored here. Maybe the crystals are messages from loved ones or my own unfinished griefs that I need to revisit, or the need to forgive myself-I don’t know-and I haven’t quite ever been able to figure it out-but I’ve always been surrounded by this very comforting, albeit very challenging wintery vortex, for the vast majority of my childhood and my adult life, though I’ve never had anywhere to lie it down or to bring it forward-until now. It is so great to have a place for my winter now. Thank you, Tai!:)!

    Parallax continues to help me in understanding the transparency of the soul as my basis, as well as the nature of the opaque soul, and the need to communicate with, come into it, and be patient with it. Have you read Andrea Galem? She speaks of the notion of opaque soul as being uniquely rooted in movement (the transparent soul when in darkness).

    I hope the length of my communications:) has not overwhelmed you. Please, take your time, always!:)! I wasn’t going to respond again just yet, but I have just been so moved by this entry!:)!

    Bright Blessings always,

    xoxo, Angy

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Dear Angy,

      I love getting comments for posts! Please, never hesitate. It lets me know people are reading & enjoying what I write. 🙂

      I will take longer with the email, as I want to read the essays you included before I respond.

      So glad you found the post helpful & I will check out Galem’s works.

      My first impression about the ice crystals is that they are a sacred geometry pattern…which goes right along with the idea I’m untangling in this post that reality in its more fundamental form finds its structure in a geometric matrix of sorts…

      Check out my post “Connectivity Through Form” if you haven’t already, as it features ice crystal imagery in conjunction with ancient geometries like the “Flower of life” symbol. I think it will possibly give you a jumping off point for a new perspective on these visions!

      For the record, the third eye images I see in meditation are sometimes crystalline in form as well…I don’t feel that they are icy—more multi-colored & illuminated— but they do appear sacred geometry-esque & flower-like…though they are so tiny it’s hard to see beyond the basic impression.

      Thanks again for the kind words!

      On on,


      • Tai, I completely agree with what you are saying (and why) about crystalline forms not always being icy!:)! I think, I think of mine this way only because of the “being cloaked” inside a winter cave vision that seems to accompany/expand with them. I, too, have seen smaller crystalline forms right in front of my eye, and those are much more like geometric prisms, as you allude to. For me, those are much briefer, and do not occur nearly as often, whereas the winter cave vision can be quite prolonged and occurs with alarming frequency. Thanks so much for connectivity and form blog you recommended. I like to randomly choose entries and make notes-do exercises-I have what I call my PARALLAX crayon box now-and the crayon box had not made it to that entry yet. So thank you:)! And, I will try not to hesitate in responding. Thank you for that too!:)! Bright Blessings, xoxoxo, thank you for making my days better (and helping me make them better:)! Angy

  • Robert C says:

    Another great post. Very thought provoking and strangely so as I was a mathemetician and this really resonates at a beyond rationality level. Thanks again!

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Oh, I’m so glad to hear it, Robert! That means a lot coming from a mathematician! 😉

      On on,


  • alanseyes says:

    Fractals do seem to be a perfect model for the infinite structure and complexity of the universe. I’ve yet to read “Wholeness and the Implicate Order” but have been intrigued by the ideas of the late David Bohm for a long time. Thanks for another stimulating post.

    • Tai Carmen says:

      So glad the post did its job!

      Thanks for letting me know. 🙂

      On on!


      • alanseyes says:

        The post goes well with Jungian concept of the “psychoid” — could fractal patterns be a manifestation of an archetype from a substrata of mind underlying all nature?

        From Wikipedia:

        “In later years Jung revised and broadened the concept of archetypes even further, conceiving of them as psycho-physical patterns existing in the universe, given specific expression by human consciousness and culture. Jung proposed that the archetype had a dual nature: it exists both in the psyche and in the world at large. He called this non-psychic aspect of the archetype the ‘psychoid’ archetype.”


        The archetype was not merely a psychic entity, but more fundamentally, a bridge to matter in general. Jung used the term unus mundus to describe the unitary reality which he believed underlay all manifest phenomena. He conceived archetypes to be the mediators of the unus mundus, organizing not only ideas in the psyche, but also the fundamental principles of matter and energy in the physical world.”

      • Tai Carmen says:

        Interesting idea!

        On on,


  • janice says:

    This is such an interesting post and helps me understand what I have seen. I was looking at my hand with a meditating mind in order to see my aura which i can now, but i was taken aback when my hand and the space around it became defined by a sort of multi dimensional matrix, I was so fascinated by it and hardly dared to move my fingers as I thought it would fade, but when i did, to my great surprise the ‘space, matter’ around them was connected and moved with them. So, our bodies are actually connected to everything, not moving around above, or on or in, but actually connected. It has given me great food for thought knowing that every action is having an effect. I am much more aware of my impact on the world, in word, thought, and deed.

    • Tai Carmen says:

      That is fascinating, Janice! Thank you so much for sharing. Direct experiences with this subtle world are really gold for fringe explorers of consciousness like us.

      I’m so excited to hear that your direct experience related with my research. I have definitely seen a honeycomb matrix to reality on psychedelics, and some degree of latticework at times without their assistance, and I can see some element of auras on my own, the cocoon of them around people, colors sometimes… But never anything quite as detailed as this description. Very interesting! It does add so much concrete literalness to the idea of our interconnectivity. Scientifically, on a molecular level, of course, there are no hard lines either!

      Thank you for being part of the conversation, I really enjoyed your share. Check out related posts:

      “The Art Of Seeing: Third Eye Perception & The Mystical Gaze”

      …as well as “The Mind’s Eye.” 🙂

      Also, consider signing up (top right hand corner) to be notified of future posts. 🙂

      On on, brave traveler!


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