Starseeds, Cosmic Consciousness and the Galactic Generations~ Part 2

September 22, 2012 § 29 Comments

By Tai Carmen

If you haven’t read Part 1 ~ CLICK HERE 

 “The whole universe exists inside you. Ask all from yourself.” ~Rumi

“And we, we who embody the local eyes and ears and thoughts and feelings of the cosmos, we have begun at least to wonder about our origins — star stuff contemplating the stars, organized collections of ten billion billion billion atoms, contemplating the evolution of nature, tracing that long path by which it arrived at consciousness here on the planet earth, and perhaps throughout the cosmos.” ~ Carl SaganCosmos: Who Speaks For Earth

“My soul is from elsewhere, I’m sure of that, and I intend to end up there.”  ~Rumi

Ken Carey had been off the grid for a decade, living a simple farm life in harmony with nature, when, in a state of high fever, he penned the slim classic Starseed Transmissions in 1978. Carey’s description of the experience proceeding his dictation echoes the transpersonal state of transcendent awareness long reported by mystics:

“Everything that touched my senses, every nuance of sound and light, every object in the room felt as intimate to me as the lungs through which I breathed, as inseparable, as personal. Insights did not come as flashes but as things I had always known, truths so obvious it was hard to believe I could have forgotten them.” (The Starseed Transmissions, introduction, 1995 edition.)

The narrator identifies itself as a force that “comes from the Presence where there is no time but the eternal now,” describing itself as a member of a race of spirit beings who have been evolving alongside humanity in a parallel universe of non-form:

“We are you, yourself, in the distant past and distant future. We are you as you were, would have been and still are, had you not fallen from your original state of grace.”

The angelic messenger from the stars describes this falling from grace, not as moral corruption, but as the state of fear and disconnection humans entered as they became lost in the” materializing process,” forgetful of their spiritual counterparts and interconnected origins. In effect, the book purports to be a voice from the realm where our spirits wait, calling us home.

The narrator describes a state of harmonious connectivity in which humanity would flourish:

“In the fallen state of consciousness, each human being functions in disregard of the song of Life that is going on in others. There is no harmony, no direction, no arrangement. You are like the random notes of an orchestra before the conductor unifies the instruments in symphony. The Grand Conductor is calling everyone to attention, calling now to remembrance of unity and purpose, reminding all that the time has come to stop tuning separate instruments and begin to accept the direction of One who understands the whole. 

“As you begin to pay attention to the direction of the Conductor within, you will begin to play to the rhythm of the Planetary Symphony, harmonizing with the others of your species and with all of life.” (Ken Carey’sStarseed Transmissions.)

In many ways, Ken Carey’s Starseed Transmissions echoes Timothy Leary’s “Starseed: Transmissions from Folsem Prison,” published five years prior. Obviously, the names are similar, though it is unclear whether Carey had ever read Leary’s piece. It seems unlikely that Carey would have been exposed to Leary’s short, pamphlet-like work, as Carey was undergoing a decade long media fast on a farm in rural Missouri at the time of writing Starseed.

The central theme of both starseed works is that humanity’s destiny lies in the stars. Both imagine a future galactic human, evolved past our current point, who would ascend into the heavens and begin what both texts describe as our true quest…An image we see appearing even earlier, in 1968, in the last scene of Stanley Kubrick’s acclaimed “2001: A Space Odyssey.”

So according to Ken Carey’s angelic/extraterrestrial messenger, we are all Starseeds. We all have other worldly origins and the homesickness we feel is spiritual in nature, a longing for divine reconnection.

The primary criticisms lobbied against starseed-identified individuals is that it is escapist, and originates out of the desire to feel special. Though many starseeds keep their thoughts about their identity to themselves for that very reason, there are many who build elaborate sites detailing rank, home-world histories, etc.

Usually those who get into details of hierarchical order describe a “Galactic Federation of Light,” the “Galactic Council” or  “The Ashtar Command.” Many channelers claim to be in touch with beings from other planets in our solar system, describing a leader named Sunat Kumara — details about which a surprising number of people agree. Personally, I don’t relate with these very specific renderings — but perhaps those people who do, have reason to do so.

Scott Mandelker, Ph.D. author of From Elsewhere: Being ET in America, notes “… I found that within the group of people who recognized themselves as cosmic visitors were individuals both clear and confused, humble and grandiose, active in service or passive in self absorption. Like any other group of people, I found all types — yet those who I considered a bit off-balance did not detract from the genuine reality of extraterrestrial incarnation. Even ET souls are not perfectly enlightened — and even less so when they take human form!”

Yet many “men and women…never spoke about being from such and such planet, unless somebody directly asked them. They had no need to impress anyone with rank or title… They made no big deal about being different; they were too busy teaching, writing, healing, counseling, creating, planning and organizing activities that might be of benefit totheir community.” (SOURCE)

Lately, ET culture has gone so mainstream that Katy Perry is singing pop songs about alien abduction: In “E.T.” she describes the ambiguity, fear and romantic draw surrounding this newest of cultural obsessions: “You’re so hypnotizing/Could you be the devil?/Could you be an angel?…”

The chorus is particularly troubling: “Kiss me, kiss me/Infect me with your love and/Fill me with your poison/Take me, take me/Wanna be a victim/Ready for abduction…”

While most likely just a sign that the fringe-dweller’s sci-fi fascination has reached mainstream status and is currently “on the collective mind,” many find the weird romanticization of abduction propaganda-esque.

Predator/prey imagery, featuring wild carnivores chasing and consuming defenseless herbivores, are spliced in among eroticized alien-human relations, resulting in Perry appearing, in the last scene, with goat-legs. She is also notably featured as a romanticized Gray alien being flung through the far reaches of the cosmos, imploring Kanye West, playing an alien, to “take her, infect her with his poison, abduct her,” etc.

Perhaps the somewhat grotesque portrayal of cosmic themes in videos like Perry’s is due, less to nefarious connections, and more to the inevitable sensationalism and debasement of consumer-based production.

However, imagery like this, combined with the perceived onslaught of alien invasion films in the past decade, have many wondering if they are being brainwashed or desensitized in preparation for a coming ET event. There are numerous online sites dedicated to keeping an eye on the progress of this theory.

It is possible that both the creepy, conspiracy “alien agenda” angle and the love-based-starseed-in-service-to-the-planet slant are two sides of the same coin. Perhaps the love-based starseeds have come in special numbers at this time as a line of defense. But it’s easy to get lost in labyrinthian conspiracy theories…

Panning back from this micro-focus, we see that it is not so odd that we should be culturally obsessed with our identities in relation to the larger galactic picture…

We are the first waves of humans, that we know of, to have come of age in an era where space travel is a natural part of life, and images of our place in the universe, via Hubble Telescope photography, is available for everyone to see.

Whether or not you believe the surrounding mythos, it seems significant that sites like has 7000 + members; boasts a community of over 10,000 members! The shared goals of those identifying with this burgeoning movement of cosmic consciousness is consistently transformational in nature. All feel innately within the core of their being that we live in a time of great change, great potential and certainly, also, danger — though it is the possibility upon which most choose to focus their energies.

People associated with transformational culture invariably feel that they have a mission to be of service to the planet at this time. Inevitably there is a call towards compassion, justice, harmony, community, freedom, self-expression, environmental awareness, personal growth, the presence of the divine within all things and the connectedness of all humanity. Whether these worthy goals are fulfilled, or remain intentions only, the inspiration behind them seems culturally progressive.

Whether these galactic generations feel the affinities they do because their souls are truly extraterrestrial, or because the stark gap between their ideals and the reality of the world makes them feel alien to modern culture, seems less important than the fact that this is a genuine, far-reaching movement with apparently positive ideals.

In many ways cosmic language has replaced religious terminology. People will say “one with the Universe” in the same way that they used to say “one with God;” terms like “universal love” replace phrases like “God’s love.” This is just semantics. Understandably, many in the cosmic generations feel the word God has been abused in the name of unloving principals. In these cases, secular language feels more fresh and personal, but it is no less mystical a statement to assert one’s connection with the universe, particularly when most mystical traditions agree that God is within all.

On a personal note, as a child  I had never heard of “star children” or “starseeds,” yet I felt instinctively that I was from elsewhere and that I was on a mission. As a small child of three or four, I reportedly said to my mother: “I don’t look like myself.” “What do you look like?” she asked me. “Like this,” and I stretched my eyes to look bigger & more slanted. (Feeling that one does not look “as one should,” or that aspects of the world do not appear as they ought—such as the sky being the wrong color—are recurring themes among the starseed type, as reported by Mandelker.)

I also saw a UFO as a child, in broad daylight; a slim silver disc, which appeared not horizontal but upright and emitted a beautiful rainbow contrail. The sighting was serendipitous, as I only saw it fly over my head because I had slipped on a rock. I’ve had other paranormal experiences throughout my life — clairvoyance, seeing energy and auras. So in light of this, I do find this subject — which I can easily imagine seeming totally “out there” for many people — fascinating.

Whatever the details, we find ourselves now in a unique position: the first series of human generations to grow up knowing what our galaxy looks like; knowing there are more  galaxies than grains of sand in all the worlds beaches, and as many possible worlds. We feel ourselves in the growing pains of transforming from what humans have been, to all we seek to become.

§ 29 Responses to Starseeds, Cosmic Consciousness and the Galactic Generations~ Part 2

  • abdelwahabelsadek says:

    I liked this essay because it takes us to a very high dimension of place and time. The eye is the incarnation of the sun. But the flower incarnated the sun before the eye. So we know that the cosmos is in us. We are the material expression of the Great Creator on Earth. Thanks T.C

  • Hello Tai. Thanks so much for your wonderful post (posts). This one in particular was what I can only describe as life-changing. Via your post, I discovered Ken Carey’s ‘Starseed Transmissions’, which I consequently downloaded and devoured in one sitting. The entire book spoke to me. It was as if word for word I was discovering the very thing I’d been searching for my entire life. So thanks again for your empathic post and also for vicariously leading me in the ‘right’ direction.
    To Love and Freedom! Tanja

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Oh, Tanja, I’m so thrilled you had that experience with the book! It was the exact same way for me. I devoured as much as I could get on the Amazon “free sneak preview,” and already felt a new awareness buzzing inside me. When I got it, I ate it up in a day and a half and it was a life-changer for me as well — approaching the world as Starseed describes it, I found my experience of existence truly heightened, my experience of my own spirit within me, deepened and clarified, my connection to Spirit, palpable. I got goosebumps like every page or so, as well as a tingling sensation on the crown of my head, which felt very much like an energy download (an experience I have never had while reading a book.)

      So many of the concepts were ones I had always held dear to my heart, but which had never crystallized or quite connected for me the way they did after reading Starseed. Like youl, I felt that this was information i had somehow been trying to put together on my own in pieces and the book just brought everything together.

      I read Ken Carey’s Starseed Transmissions at the beginning of the summer and as a result set off a series of serendipitous events, turning this summer into my most transformational to date (that it’s twenty-twelve, I’m sure, doesn’t hurt).

      The book spoke to me like true living information. Like my own voice coming back to me…I was so excited about that book my intention was to create an entire post about it, but the posts have a mind of their own and a lot of information wanted to get in there…still, I contemplated having a Starseed Transmissions give-away to one lucky commenter and I’m going to take your comment as a sign to go ahead with that idea…obviously this is a special book, and it wasn’t just a fluke that it hit me as it did.

      You would also love The Return of the Bird Tribes by Ken Carey — but don’t get too excited; there is only one Starseed. 😉 Bird Tribes is a more scenic, meandering read, but it has its own special, gentle spirit and insights…many of which add some nice detail to the concepts outlined in Starseed.

      I’ll leave you with an interview I found on Ken. 🙂

      To Love and Freedom! On on!


      • Interesting, that you had all these kinesthetic sensations as you where reading the book. I had a similar experience. Felt like an empty vase waiting to be replenished. Stunned and unable to move until I finished the book. Every once in a while I’d come back to reality to go and have a (much needed) pee 🙂 Plus I noticed I’d been reading with an sort of crooked, half-grin on my face for most of the day.

        Funny thing is…a couple of nights ago I had a dream. I don’t usually remember them, but this one was different. In my dream ‘someone’ spoke to me and all they said where 3 words. Believe. Trust. See – in that order. Next day I wrote the words down because I felt as though it was important. A message perhaps. 3 days later I’m reading Ken Carey’s book and the three words keep popping up all over the place.

        I’m so grateful to you Tai. And thank you for your heartfelt reply, the book recommendation and interview link. Can’t wait to read it tomorrow morning!!! But first things first…I’m on page 100 (11 more to go)…and I’m determined to finish it before the next (sleepless) dream begins. Yes, I do believe the veil is (finally) beginning to lift. I feel it in my waters 🙂
        PS. Good idea about the book give-away. Wonderful!

  • Tai Carmen says:

    Fascinating! I felt like an empty vase being replenished as well. A good description of it!

    I came upon the book in a rather mystical way, as well (worth a share.) I had recently read a fascinating study about the legitimacy of hunches in Psychology today and so I was making a point of following my hunches.

    I was googling “starseed,” feeling a kind of restless, searching urgency, like there was something I needed to find and read. But the sites I was finding just weren’t cutting it.

    As I was googling I got a text from a friend and an inner voice told me: “Whoever just texted you holds the missing piece of this puzzle.”

    It was my friend, who said she was writing me an epic email about her dreams. I told her via text that I was googling starseeds and to send me the email. She did, and made the subject heading “Starseed Transmissions” because I had mentioned that in my text (her email was about something else.)

    As soon as I saw those two words together, “Starseed” and “Transmissions,” I knew it was the title of a book and that this was the book I had been looking for. It came in a flash of certainty, like the first voice.

    I googled it and sure enough! There was a book called The Starseed Transmissions by Ken Carey. I’m quite sure I had never heard of the book before.

    Well, I began reading the free preview and within minutes I was getting goosebumps; each sentence seemed to feed me exactly what I had been hungry for. The whole book was a revelation which has affected the trajectory of my life now and it all started with following a hunch. 🙂

    Journey well!

    • Wow! Thank you so much for sharing that story. Tiny consecutive miracles conspiring to illuminate your way. Divine. As an aside, I can’t even begin to tell you about the serendipity in my life in the last 2 days. Miracles keep unfolding. Microscopic in scope to most people I’m sure. Mammoth in my little world 🙂

  • Robert C says:

    Great follow up post to part 1. There is indeed something stirring among many of us. Probably everyone is a starseed its probably a difference of sensitivity and or awareness. Things tightening up everywhere and indicative of change. Like animals before a storm I think many of us detect something headed our way.

  • That was a great post, and I am so inspired to go read Carey’s “Starseed Transmissions”, especially after having read the comments! Half-Price Books, here I come!

    On another note, I really appreciate your posts and perspectives, Tai. I’m always excited to see when you’ve made another blog entry, and can’t wait to read it!

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Well, thank you Brandon, that means a lot to hear. 🙂

      I think you will enjoy Starseed. I’m glad you’re going to check it out. Hopefully we haven’t built it up too much now — like that movie that everyone says “you have to see it! Oh it’s amazing!” So that when you finally see it you can’t help but be a little disappointed. Try and wipe your mind clean of expectation… 🙂

      And keep us posted of your reading experience! It is pretty uncanny that Tanja had such a similar experience as I did…and from what I’ve read online, we are not the only ones: it’s one of those much loved, obscure gems. I hope it speaks to you as well!

      On on,

  • Lauren says:

    I was so excited to see this post this morning. 🙂 Another amazing article – I love the pulling together of multiple angles, and the many questions that it causes you to ponder… No matter what is the Truth, I believe it’s always beneficial to keep questioning, and you do a wonderful job of inspiring this.

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Thank you so much, Lauren, I so appreciate the positive feedback. No matter how much I try to write shorter posts that take me less time to complete, I always go down a rabbit hole of research and end up submerged in the need to report the many angles of what is always multi-faceted…so it’s so lovely to get such nice feedback from readers after going on the journey that each post inevitably becomes to bring back the best and brightest points I can locate. 🙂 Refuels me for the next time. 😉



  • Hello again!

    Your article added interesting new insights for me but it was your input in the comments section that really pushed me into pursuing this. I too want to feel connected with the universe and so I shall research further into Starseeds.

    Always supporting you,


    • Tai Carmen says:

      Thank you Pedro!

      Ah! The mission to feel connected with the universe…! The most worthy of missions. 🙂

      Coming from one who has made this her lifelong path, I can say that the desire alone is the beginning of the connection. It’s important not to get too “in your head” in your search, because the kind of thing that makes you feel connected (in my experience) usually transcends logic and comes in a feeling-form. So definitely keep that in mind.

      This is because the connection is invisible and hence requires a certain amount of open-mindedness.

      Connection for me starts with presence: being in the moment. If you are thinking about the day ahead of you, or an experience you’ve already had, that is fine, but it’s not possible to make a lasting degree of contact when you’re existing in the unreal realms of past and future. So grounding yourself in the moment throughout your day whenever you think about it will help. Try to clear your mind, if only for a few moments, and focus your attention on the feeling experience of the moment; touch the surface of the desk at your fingertips; appreciate its texture. Examine the details around you. Breathe.

      As self-help-y as the title might sound “The Power of Now” by Eckhardt Tolle is an excellent help for gaining more access to presence. (I highly recommend getting that book on CD from your local library — as the audio books are a bit pricey — but the audio medium is especially conducive, in my experience, to receiving the kind of insights he is talking about.)

      So while you are working on intentional presence, another thing that has helped me is to start noticing energy. Ever walk into a room and feel an immediate heaviness or darkness or staleness? Often we dismiss this as purely environmental, but start noticing the subtler elements of these impressions. When you meet someone and they seem to radiate a calming feeling, that’s energy. Same thing with the person who radiates a heaviness. Touch a tree and feel its energy: you might be surprised! It feels pure and clean and vibrant. (And while we’re talking about trees, put that at the top of your connection with the universe list; spending time in nature is paramount! The energy of nature is tremendously sensitizing and restorative.) Not saying you don’t know all this already — a lot of it is admittedly pretty simple — just offering you my “prescription,” a bouquet of ideas which have worked for me. 🙂

      So now that you have started to become more intentionally present, and you have started to notice energy….become aware of the fact that all these spaces we consider empty, the air around us, the so-called negative space, is full…it is the living breath of the cosmos.

      The mind might scoff a little at your journey. Be prepared for that. “Oh, well, that’s just a poetic line,” it might say. Ignore its smug commentary. Say, “Mind, thank you for your input. But I am consulting the spirit now and I’d appreciate some room to do so.”

      The spirit sees through a more poetic lens, and that’s where it finds its magic; that’s where it finds the connection. Because the connection is intensely poetic!

      Another writer who might help you in your journey towards connecting with the universe is a Alan Watts. I highly recommend “the Book on the Taboo of Knowing Who You Are.”

      But most of all it will be your presence which is the key to unlock what you seek…and the sensitization of your heart and perception to the subtler shades of reality…the energetic ties between things. In the moments when you are feeling really present, try to sense the energy currents flowing in the room around you…

      The Eastern concept of Tao or chi — universal energy which flows through everything like a massive river of air, animating all — is worth becoming acquainted with. I feel the Taoists have the best understanding of what is really going on energy-wise. And perhaps after you’ve read Starseed and Watts a great place to go is the Tao te Ching by Lao Tzu (particularly the Stephen Mitchell translation really gets to the heart of the matter)..

      Well, I guess I’ve written a small novel here! But once I get started talking about our quest to connect with the universe…watch out! 🙂

      I hope some of it is useful to you. Perhaps you will find this theme in an upcoming post! Obviously I have a lot to say about it. 🙂

      Keep me/us posted on your journey. And yes — do read The Starseed Transmissions!

      On on!


      • I am sorry I have taken long to get back to you!

        I have already purchased the Power of Now and will start my journey there. The past and future, or rather my mental representations of them, haunt my present quite often, especially in moments of silence. I will certainly keep you updated and thank you for being so detailed in your response.

        Always with you,


  • Rami says:

    Both parts remind of a movie called The Fountain. I am awed by the idea of oneness with the universe.

    Great read.

  • Bo says:

    Leary and Carey’s (almost) simultaneous Starseed publications is another great example of universal consciousness. Love the articles Tai. Well done.

  • Absolutely love this thoughtful, mystical post. Great reminders throughout

  • Garrett says:

    Amazing post, as usual. I too see signs of the times demonstrating a great collective spiritual catharsis, as unsteady edges of normalcy fuzz out into waves of cultural chaos. I’ve never read Carey’s work, def will check it out!

    • Tai Carmen says:

      It’s a compelling read for sure (Carey’s Starseed Transmissions). And I’m so happy to hear you got something from this post. I appreciate the kind the feedback!

      On on!


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