The Art of Seeing: Third Eye Perception & The Mystical Gaze

July 11, 2012 § 172 Comments

By Tai Woodville

““The eye is the lamp of the body. So, if your eye is healthy, your whole body will be full of light.” ~ Matthew 6:22-44

“No wonder once the art of seeing is lost, Meaning is lost, and all life seems ever more meaningless.” ~ Frederick Franck

“Our whole business in this life is to restore to health the eye of the heart whereby God may be seen.” ~ Saint Augustine

Every one of us has had a moment where ordinary life becomes shot through with clarity, intense presence and visual potency. A person, animal or perhaps a plant — a scene of startling beauty or realness — seems to take on a luminous dimension, lit from within with living essence. For a moment, all of life feels that much closer, more charged and meaningful.

As artist Ernest W. Watson, said, “There is a vast difference between looking and seeing.” It can be said that in these radiant moments we are truly seeing, through the lens or the eye of the soul.

The concept of the third eye appears in a wide gamut of mystical traditions, including Hinduism, Taoism, Tibetan Buddhism, Jewish and Christian mysticism. The third eye — also known as the blue pearl, the inner eye, and the sixth, or ajna, chakra — is traditionally associated with psychic experiences, divine seeing and the higher visionary realm.

It has been called a gateway that leads to inner realms, and other worlds; a personal vortex.

The pineal gland — a small endocrine gland nestled between the two hemispheres of the brain — is considered by many to be the physical counterpart to the spiritual third eye. Up until 1958, when Aaron Lerner discovered that the rice-grain-sized gland transformed serotonin into melatonin and regulated wake/sleep patterns, it had been regarded by the scientific community as very likely vestigial.

French philosopher Renee Descartes called the pineal “the seat of the soul,” postulating that the gland interacted in some way between the eyes and the brain, acting as the chief interpreter of vision…an idea developed  hundreds of years before by the father of the Scientific Method, the ancient Greek physician Herophilos. Through his pioneering anatomical dissections, Herophilos theorized that the pineal glad was an interfacing organ that gained man access to the spiritual worlds.

This theory is compatible with the ancient Eastern belief, from Hindus to Taoists, that the luminous sphere witnessed in the inner eye region is in fact the same tunnel through which the human soul exits the body.

If you want to develop your third eye vision, you can do so by taking a few moments out when you are calm and relaxed, closing your eyes and focusing your attention within, specifically towards the spot between your brows.

The undulating sparks which can sometimes be seen behind closed lids, or in total darkness, are called phosphenes — characterized by seeing light when no light is actually hitting the retina. Keep focusing on the third eye region whenever you have a few minutes to dedicate to the exercise.

Don’t strain, just casually return to this practice when you feel like it. Over time, you may begin to have some interesting experiences.

Happy travels in inner space!

*Please share your experiences with the third eye in our comments section! (Under title.) There, you will find notes on practical application and learn about other reader’s experiences—as well as the author’s—with third eye visioning.

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§ 172 Responses to The Art of Seeing: Third Eye Perception & The Mystical Gaze

  • lisa H. says:

    My dear sweet yogi. I had no idea you were so knowledgable.

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Thanks, Lisa!

      Ever questing!


      • Atticus says:

        Tai, Before I came across your website or knew what parallax means I had a meditation session where the phrase,”parallax is your stairway to heaven.” Placed on my consciousness. What was the reason that you chose parallax as the name for your website?

      • Tai Carmen says:

        Parallax is a scientific term, describing the effect whereby the position or direction of an object appears to differ when viewed from different positions. To me, it symbolized the experience of new perspectives resulting from a shift in perception. So that, in effect, new worlds can open up when different points of view are tried on…

        The word implies you are looking at the same things you’ve always looked at, but you see new elements & aspects & nuances to these things, because you are viewing them from fresh angles.

        I called the blog this name because I wanted it to be an exploration of perspective shifts.

        I would interpret your inner message as having perhaps a double meaning. On one level, perhaps posts on the blog itself will, can or have opened up some new doors on your journey, which in turn will continue to open up new perspectives beyond the blog in your own life. And on a grander scale, the message could mean that simply “A change in perspective is your stairway to heaven,” i.e. your key to higher consciousness.

        On on,


      • Atticus says:

        Too add to that and get your thoughts Tai, from my understanding parallax also has to do with observing the distance of an object from two different vantage points or angles, and by doing so one gets a much more accurate perception of that object, so perhaps “parallax is your stairway to heaven” is a way of saying by walking in both the spiritual and physical worlds the way to heaven is made. However we must always consider the source because there are lying spirits, and the term “heaven” can be rather ambiguous , no?

      • Tai Carmen says:

        You, being the person who received the message, would be the one to judge that best. I tend to think that if the message made you feel relaxed & good, then the source was probably positive. If it makes you feel tension or anxiety, then you have reason to doubt the source.

        But your point about spirits & their messages is valid; that is why I try to go to my own soul for advice & messages. It’s been a touchstone for me to get to know the feeling of my own authentic core essence, and that is the inner space I try to go to to test these messages & even better, to receive them. Though I realize sometimes they just sort of appear in one’s mind…

        If you try saying a known lie to yourself versus a known truth, you’ll notice a different effect in your body. That’s a good way to test any message one receives, I’ve found.

    • Janine Theron says:

      I always considered the light must have an end and Yes, twice saw the Light WITH NO SHADOW at the end of the tunnel also. But there where no other ‘people’. Even ‘my individuality’ disappeared. Many times when i go down into the tunnel, i feel that “ego IS my individuality”, and there I stand, without the ego. Do you agree?

    • Janine Theron says:

      ( Just on another note, you know how the CIA ‘plays’ around with conciousness (Montauk etc), BUT they can never come to reach the Inner Light That Has No Shadow, because the ego/individuality can’t ‘live’ there – you will never be able to see or experience it, if you still have the ego.)

  • Noce post. I do find using the third eye area makes a powerful focus for meditation. Sogyal Rinpoche often says – How you look is how you see. So true.

    • Tai Carmen says:

      It does make a great focus.

      I have been having more experiences with this lately during meditation & plan to write another post on this topic soon. 🙂

      Thanks for your comment, Tahlia.

      On on!


  • batgurrl says:

    bless you for reminding all of us to stop, listen, rest, relax and embrace the light of our souls.

  • timethief says:

    Each day is another opportunity to redirect our consciousness to what’s significant — the light within. Each day is another chance for us to shine and to help other people find the significant light in them. Like batgurrl I humbly thank you for the reminder.

  • Tai Carmen says:

    Thanks everyone for the kind words! They mean a lot. 🙂

    I didn’t include my personal experience with the blue pearl on the official post, but I have had, and continue to have, some interesting experiences. If anyone feels like sharing, I’ll happily share as well!

    Your words are an inspiration to me, too. Keep looking through that eye of the soul, you lovely lights.

    On on,


    • bert0001 says:

      I’m a practical mystic, but i have no idea what the concept of ‘third eye’ might mean to me. How can we experience and recognize it?

      • Tai Carmen says:

        Ah! I, too, consider myself a practical mystic. 🙂

        The practical application for third eye work for me has been that I can now see energy and auras (to some extent, just the light around people, not colors usually…) It’s subtle, but definite.

        To develop this, I just began focusing on the brow region with my eyes closed (almost feels a bit like crossing your eyes.) I did this for several years on and off, just whenever I found myself with a minute to spare. Usually I didn’t do it in a specifically meditative context, although I did that sometimes. Usually I would just do it if I was in the bath or lying down before sleep…perhaps the fact that I had meditated before gave me some experience with the vast sense of inner space that can develop when the gaze is focused inwards. I mean ‘gaze’ and ‘inward’ literally, not metaphorically…the physical gaze focused in on itself, which, since that’s not quite possible in the literal sense, ends up more closely resembling focused concentration on the brow region, with the eyes closed.

        I guess you might ask what would motivated me to do this. Well, I guess because pretty early on I saw flashes of indigo and violet (only fleeting ones, not saying I was super-accomplished off the bat or anything), which was motivating to me that there was something to it.

        Since then I’ve seen a recurring swirling, spinning mandala-like sphere (not anything like in a movie, super-subtle, but, like the energy, still definite; unmistakable.) The spinning shape resembles a sacred geometry flower of life (googling “flower of life” will get you an image for this) though it’s so small I can’t say I can identify all of the details; just gives that general impression.

        It definitely does seem like some kind of personal vortex. It starts far off like a speck and seems to come in closer… though it’s never actually “arrived” — I suspect I need to earn that, put in more work to get there.

        NOTE: This isn’t the only way to see the energy around people. This can be accomplished with surprising ease by looking at the edge of a person’s shape against a relatively simple or blank background…it looks a bit like a fuzzy, luminous extra layer surrounding them. Some cynics might call this an optical illusion produced by the contrast of colors, and I myself have been open to this possibility. But now that I have begun to see more energy swirls, I am more convinced it is part of the aura I am seeing, because the energy swirls line up with the luminous edge.

        To catch this elusive phenomenon, in the beginning it’s vital not to look directly, but slightly off to the side, using “soft focus” or peripheral vision to perceive it. After a while I was able to see the light around people without the soft focus approach, but it really helps in the beginning.

        I use the word “light” but it’s not quite the right word, because that evokes something bright and this is more like a soft, subtle luminous edge. I guess the word “glow” would be more apt.

        Another excellent exercise for seeing the energy around the human being is to simply gaze at the tips of your fingers for a while…I suppose everyone is different, but I’ve done this exercise with others and it has seemed to emerge fairly quickly…when the object of your viewing is closer like this, it appears less luminous and light-like and more clear; like the way heat looks on a hot cement road; like the air is a bit thicker there, or a bit more swirly.

        If this sounds like a lot of mumbo jumbo you can see why I left it for the comments section! I can see why the mystics of the ages have mostly kept silent on these topics when it comes to public descriptions. Describing this stuff sounds so loony. But I want to share my experience with those interested, because I believe the more we can perceive the inner light and presence of the human soul, the easier it is to treat our fellow man — and ourselves — as sacred and part of a vast, beautiful mystery, the nature of which we are only just starting to scratch.

        Hope this helps.

        On on!


      • Bern says:

        Your 3rd is seeing…seeing whats seeing you …taking urself from self …opening that door that you’d never had opened walking and talking of minds…its a smell its power to move when ur body dont move

      • Tai Carmen says:

        Thanks for being part of the conversation!

        On on,


      • saket says:

        whatever he says is absolutely correct , the initial stage is that of a light blue/violet glow emerging like a throb from a flower shaped dark hole (the outline is like a flower). With some practice this visual space as i woud like to call it (like a cinema inside), moves closer, like an expanding canvas. thats when the real magic starts, do not be distracted by the less clear outlines, the clear image/s will appear eventually(they are self luminous , thats what distinguishes these experiences) depending on your level of practice.

      • My 3rd eye just opened on its own unexpectedly one day at the end of yoga class after about 6 years of regular practice. Good luck!

  • This was a cool article, and I’m really grateful for your description of your personal experience. I’ll be “looking inward” more in the near future 🙂

  • bert0001 says:

    thx for your elaborate comment. I’ll try some of these suggestions and see whether they work for me.

  • Miki Duncan says:

    Heh, well I actually have found that I have had very similar experiences myself. It seems to be a bit different the way I interpret it however, where I tend to see the glow as the direct absence I see around the initial glow, where if I focus on watching one part of a person’s light “glow” then I begin to see a space around it where the glow is absent. But even more when I look at those parts then it starts to show slight colors which are quite indescribable for, like you said, it isn’t light so it’s hard to interpret. But it’s like looking at shadows playing on a background; you can see the shapes and slight colors but I know it is incomplete.

    A friend did recommend an exercise once which really did help me understand how this translates to auras and color however. What you’ll need is a friend, a large room, a dimmer light, and colored paper. You see the understanding of auras is like a color imprint without the actual color to go with it. So the first way to understand is to hold a piece of paper up to a white one until it’s very clear then remove it fast so that the imprint color is still there for a second or two. But then once you get used to that you have a friend stand across a room from you wearing nothing but white. They hold a piece of colored paper in front of them and remove it much in the same matter. However you start to dim the lights halfway through the exercise. Eventually you’ll find that color imprints are starting to stay, and to form around them!

    Well it worked for me at least. I suggest trying it yourself sometime.


  • Horus says:

    i had an experience with the 3rd eye recently. I was performing the unified chakra meditation (google it) and then performed the three dantiens breating (google that too).

    Since then I have adopted the 3rd eye sita-ram mantra meditation with visualising a small silver circle and a large golden circle around it. In breath to the silver circle (sita mantra) and out breath to the golden circle (ram mantra). It is very poweful and feels more balanced.

    My three dantiens breathing 3rd eye experience is below:

    I have had an interesting experience doing 3 dantiens breathing – one which made me assess that it is not the best entry level experiment.

    My conclusion was that developing the lower centres was a grounding point to start. When you pack too much light into the upper centres prior to developing the lower centres there is just too much chi pressure. You heat up to fast and all the yang chi rises and traps in the head.

    My experience was quite amazing, but it took a couple of weeks to recover. I had a flu like systomology and heat, and general inbalance disturbance. The upper dantien was where I had most of the issue.

    I performed the unified chakra meditation followed by 3 dantiens breathing.

    Suddenly got hit with a massive 3 day runny nose and head pressure like a pressure cooker.

    It opened my 3rd eye and I had an amazing journey into the abdomen while trying to descend the chi from the head to the lower dantien.

    I literally transferred my focal point of consiousness inside the abdomen – right up next to what I think must have been the lower dantien. I was in the abdomen, solidly set there (not like a fleeting vision) – I was inside and the dantien ( I think that’s what it was) was the most perfect circle I’ve ever seen. Yellow, and backlit with “smoke” ascending from it – now when I say smoke, it was very fine vapor. There was also a big fire burning along a wall of the abdomen. There was a yin/yang saprk that battled itself in a spin that then careered through subtle channels. I also saw a mass of dark matter with blue star like highlights. It was pretty amazing.

    I learned from that experience that the third eye will open when the system is replete with chi, and that I was able to fill the upper dantien enough – even with a few breaths – to activate it with strong yi/will.

    I also learned that it is not a healthy way of doing it. I had head pressure and flu like symtoms for about 3 weeks.

  • Nigel says:

    I have had many experiences of this type. I had a powerful kundalini eruption in 1989 and I still experience many strange experiences – see the webpage I have submitted. My 3rd eye is quite active, though I have since calmed it to a more appropriate level for everyday living. I frequently experience astral travel.

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Fascinating accounts! I’ve recently been thinking about astral travel, so your posts offered me some insight. I was wondering if one sees the world as it appears regularly and from your account, it seems one does!

      I would like very much to experience astral travel. While my third eye is active and I have seen visions with it in various states, my Out of Body experiences are limited to once or twice hearing wind rushing around my ears as I was going to sleep or waking up, and then one time hovering above my body in the dark, but unable to see anything and becoming agitated, trying to get back in the body with some trouble. My mother used to fly out of her window every night and over the cherry trees in her back yard…at the age of thirteen she remembers it clearly and didn’t even realize it was unusual. A very interesting share, Nigel, thank you!


  • Atticus says:

    My name is Hosea, but I go by the name Atticus. This is the name given to me by the Spirit of good and peace that guides me when I am meditating. I have been meditating and praying for thirty minutes every day for about a year now. In the beginning I would see events with my inner eye that would actually occur in this world days later. Then during other meditation sessions I receive words or phrases that were unknown to me prior to them coming to me while in a meditative state. This is in fact how the name Atticus came to me. What interests me the most about what I have read on this website, is the bluish purple electric sphere discussed on this page. I have also seen this bluish purple sphere while meditating on a number of occasions, and usually when I see it the experience is accompanied by a message or a vision. Therefore, we are experiencing the same phenomenon in this regard, and I am inspired. Have you received any communication from a spirit or some unseen intelligent force while meditating?

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Thank you for your share, Hosea, aka Atticus. I often feel in communication with the Unseen or Spirit realm, so I do have similar experiences. For me they are not usually as prophetic and concrete as you describe — more on the spectrum of intuition and personal insight.

      The blue sphere (referred to most often as “the blue pearl” in Eastern literature) is a very real phenomenon. The question is: what exactly is it? It has been called a gateway between worlds, a portal into the spirit realm, by many mystical traditions…the third eye of course is referenced more commonly in spiritual literature, and one wonders if indeed they refer to the same phenomenon. Most likely they are related, as they both refer to inner sight experiences of “looking within” in meditation.

      I see it either as possibly the viewing of my own soul’s spark (the third eye has been called the “seat of the soul”) or as a “crack between worlds.”

      I found the following link, relating specific commentary by a yogi on the blue pearl, to be most helpful:

      On on, fellow quester!


  • dogkisses says:

    Amazing! Beautiful!

  • Jacqui says:

    I have actually experienced this and wasn’t sure what it was, but I clearly saw the blue light which changed colors to what I thought was magenta. I have been spending time mandala gazing and have notice a lot of things. The most time I have spent gazing is a little over 21 hours and I have set my intention for the next level which is 34 hours. My concern is not having the proper guidance does anyone have any book and/or website suggestions that go into more detail about mandala gazing and what to expect as I progress?

    • Tai Carmen says:


      Your experience is interesting! Thank you for sharing it. 🙂

      It seems like blue/magenta/purple is the color I see most as well.

      I don’t know much about mandala gazing, but this comment does inspire me to write a post on the subject, so I may know more — and have more to offer by way of guidance — soon! If you are not already subscribed to Parallax Journal, consider doing so (top right hand corner of site), so you’ll know when a new post is published. I am definitely going to investigate this interesting theme in a near-future post!

      All good things to you on your journey.
      On on!


  • Omar Paraiso says:

    My dear friend, I just happened upon your blog while searching for articles on consciousness and I must say, it was a pleasure to have landed here. You touch up on all my interests..

    I have had interesting experiences during meditation, including the ‘sphere’ and phophenes. However, there was one instance where something that was always hidden behind the vortex during all my meditation exercises one day finally revealed itself to me in all its glory. Geometry.

    Thousands of purple lines that cross in a triangular formation, and seem to go on ’til eternity. It was a beautiful experience, one that I will never forget..

    Thanks for allowing me to share..

    • Tai Carmen says:


      Thank you for your beautiful share. Fascinating!

      I have seen a matrix of geometry behind the “curtain” — to use a metaphor to describe the indescribable — as well. I believe we are truly seeing the underlying pattern beneath the fabric of reality.

      My most powerful visual experience of this was on a mushroom-supported vision quest: I was looking into the forest, feeling the innate aliveness of everything & its interconnectivity, & suddenly, while the colors of everything remained the same, a honeycomb patterned matrix emerged beneath everything…as though I were being shown the building blocks of physical reality. It was quite beautiful & accompanied by a profound sense of peace & holiness for me. As though I were being shown, as a gift, “Yes, quester, there is more than what you see with the naked eye. And here’s a peak!”

      I’ve researched the honeycomb pattern as a visionary experience & found many others have experienced it as well, along with a few other commonly sited patterns, of which I believe your description of triangular lines was included. Most intriguing!

      The visionary painter Alex Grey depicts a pretty uncanny likeness to these worlds. Have you seen his work? Give him a Google, if not.

      So pleased to hear you enjoyed the post. Thank you! Do consider subscribing to Parallax Journal (top right hand corner of site). And you’ll be alerted when new posts are published. I’m thinking this would make a great topic for a near-future post! 🙂

      On on!


  • Omar Paraiso says:

    Thanks for your reply Tai. The curtain is a good metaphor as I experienced a sense of revelation after seeing what’s behind it. I will also say that it is one of understanding-that yes, there is an underlying pattern of order and beauty in nature and reality, and if one accepts it and truly believes in it, it will be revealed. I also believe that these visions relate to the pineal gland. I’ve had a few more experiences with geometric shapes and surfaces but that will be another discussion. I will look into Alex Grey and will definitely subscribe. I’m so excited to read more of your posts and yes, it will make a great topic for future discussions! Please keep up the good work!


  • Rebecca says:

    I only recently found this website, and I thought I should explain about the life changing experiences that have come from meditation, and by activating the third eye. (I am 23, but I feel like a young girl that has opened the gates to an enchanted garden)

    I began to meditate since August 3rd 2013.
    Meditation has changed my perception of life. Living means everything to me. The more I progress, the more I see and learn. Something beautiful is unfolding. It feels like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, like a transformation is taking place. I interact with the stars and the moon, and feel a strong unbreakable connection and love towards the Universe. It calms me and is spiritually uplifting. It helps to trance into the formless void of space, and as you do this, it also awakens you to subtle dimensions of reality that are not normally seen.

    I have an open mind and I let messages come to me through my senses or intuition. Meditation has given me the key I have been looking for. The key to unlocking mysteries and revealing truths. It has let my eyes glimpse into other dimensions. It has expanded my mind and has let me reach higher consciousness. It automatically allowed natural talents to surface. It has felt as though I have been on a journey towards the self. My senses and awareness has heightened. I can honestly say that it has led me to an entire new level of discovery. Dreams have become more detailed, clear, with a sense of importance.

    I wake up from the dreams feeling as though something has been revealed. The second change was strange, yet beautiful. One night, after meditation, a purple light was emenating from my third eye, which seemed to be pulsing. Purple is a very powerful, psychic colour and stimulates intuition and imagination. Purple being a colour representitive of the psychie and the third eye region of the chakra. The colour purple, as far as my knowledge goes, represents the opening of Third Eye ( “second sight.” Intuitive perception) The perceptions of the third eye are not limited by time or space.

    The Third Eye sees energy patterns, and it is not limited by distance. Once the third eye had been awakened, I was able to see energy. This was the third change. The energy appears as a fast flowing downpour, similar to rain. There are fast streaks of light which shoot through it from every direction. It is all around. Inside and outside. I believe this is the life force, or, the life force of the Universe. Then, a fourth change occurred. I was able to see the aura of things. There was a visible outline of vivid glowing colour around plants and other things. Colours such as: Purple, pink, blue, green, yellow, etc.

    The fifth change was quite odd, and I still have no idea what this is. I opened my back door and I noticed that the sky was blue and full of clouds. I chose a small cloud to focus on, and I tried to make the cloud shrink and disappear by chanting certain words. I made the tone of my voice lower. I was trying to “connect” with the cloud by altering my voice. I continued to focus and chant for a further 4 minutes. As I was doing this, I noticed that strange dark swirling holes began to form through the air, which reminded me of a vortex. It was a grey or black colour. It was very noticeable, and had a whirring movement.

    It feels as though a new level of exploration has been opened. Other abilities and new experiences are coming to the surface, giving the mind more space for spiritual growth, opportunity, development, and contemplation. It feels like the mind has become free from reality and limits. Limits that prevent you from reaching full potential. Understanding the language of the Universe, and the creatures that dwell upon Earth. Opening my senses and allowing these things to speak through me. I didn’t realise before that such things were possible, but the realisation of all this has now been achieved, and greater understanding has been learnt.

    Sometimes, when I’m relaxing on the bed, I will just observe the energy in the bedroom and watch it’s natural flow and movement. Recently though, I’m hearing a high pitched frequency sound around me. Apparently, hearing high-pitched frequencies is one sign of a spiritual awakening. As you lift your own personal vibrations you become more attuned to higher planetary and celestial vibrations. Life itself is a sacred gift. Living on earth can be an experience of beauty, and awe. We’re learning all the time, and growing, and becoming knowledgeable.

    Who would want fame and fortune, when you can have the stars, the oceans, the simplicity of nature, and the creatures/animals that are upon this Earth. A wide range of opportunities lie ahead. We should look at everything through the eyes of a child, not an adult. Wonder and curiosity is the key. The magic that was once a part of our lives in childhood can be rebuilt. Opening the third eye is a way of developing or releasing that magic and curiosity, and can make us like children, filled with Innocence, wonder, and curiosity. Eyes that are big and wide towards the mystery and magic of life. Lips that quiver with the exitement of possibility. Arms that welcome whatever might be
    spiritually presented. A heart thats pure and full of light and joy.

    • Tai Carmen says:


      Thank you so much for your beautiful and quite moving share.

      I’m so glad you’ve found Parallax. I identify with your message. And also feel that rebuilding the magic & wonder we once felt in childhood is key. “Beginner’s eyes” as the Zen saying goes.

      “The more I progress, the more I see and learn. Something beautiful is unfolding. It feels like the metamorphosis of a butterfly, like a transformation is taking place. I interact with the stars and the moon, and feel a strong unbreakable connection and love towards the Universe. It calms me and is spiritually uplifting. It helps to trance into the formless void of space, and as you do this, it also awakens you to subtle dimensions of reality that are not normally seen.”

      Your writing is powerful; I feel the same way. I see the same type of luminous energy activity in the dark, and the auras around things. It’s interesting to talk with others who have experienced what can feel like a very specific, personal experience.

      I so enjoyed reading your contribution to the dialogue on this topic — found it very inspiring and synchronistic! Please, continue to shine that light! 🙂

      On on!


    • Tai Carmen says:


      I thought this link might be of interest to you…as the term “kensho” describes the state of euphoric spiritual connection you were describing:

  • Rebecca says:

    I have found that writing is one of the ways I can share indepth information with others, in a strange, yet explosive method that seems to pour out of my being. The urge to write is becoming stronger by the day, so I don’t ignore these feelings, but rather, allow them to flow from within. To express the love and deep appreciation that I feel towards the spiritual journey of life.

    If I may add a little more detail…

    I have discovered my individual spiritual path as an Indigo child here on Earth. In my childhood, I was very different from the rest, and I would only whisper in school. As I gradually grew older I attended secondary school. I was roughly 11 or 12 years of age. The very first day there, I was viewed as an outcast, and I felt as though I didn’t fit in with the others. I was an extremely shy, quiet, and emotionally sensitive person. Throughout these years, I was severly bullied and humiliated. I will never understand why those people did the things that they did.

    It left me feeling worthless as a human being, which soon turned into deep depression and suicidal thoughts. My parents took me out of school and taught me at home instead. Unfortunately, I went to the doctors and was diagnosed with Severe Social Phobia and Agoraphobia. I began to feel things that were unfamiliar to me. My thought pattern turned negative, and I had intense fear of humans. As it worsened, I fell into a dark bottomless pit, as it were, with no hope for escape. This led to an
    extended period of isolation from humans and the outside world.

    Fear and anxiety had taken over my life, and I was living with an enemy which was within me. My sadness gradually turned into extreme anger, rage, and revenge. It was as though a wild beast had attatched itself to me, and I had no control over it. I was a completely different person. All affection for people had been replaced by hatred. Sometimes, I would imagine myself being ontop of a large hill, and asking for “something” up there in the sky to take me away from here, to help me escape this cruel world. (Since childhood, I have had an ongoing fascination with U.F.O’s)

    Just waiting there on the hill, hoping that my sadness will be realised, and that I will be taken home, to where I truly do belong. As time went on, I decided to try to find things that would bring some joy back into life, and this was the start of the spiritual journey. Meditation had a way of bringing me inner calm and relaxation. It was powerful enough to mentally transform me to different areas of peace and beauty. It was uplifting and had a positive impact on me. I incorporated meditation in my daily life (as I mentioned in the previous post) and I have never looked back since.

    I also managed to find love through the things that truly
    mattered to me, and that I had passion for, namely, animals, nature, the Universe, and meditation.

    Fortunately, animals seem to respond well to me. The animal, and I, have a way of connecting to one another telepathically. Nature and the Universe has a spiritually uplifting effect on the soul. The innocence, beauty, and mere creation of the planet should be deeply appreciated and found joy in. I consider myself as an emotional and physcial carer for
    the Earth and Universe, as I can feel the energy that resides within it, and also, feel the need to heal it so it can flourish and keep it’s natural beauty. It is an ideal path of expressing the high sensitivity, love, care, and gentle spirit that is within my being.

    This is the only way I can show it, and what better method of showing it than expressing the heartfelt praise I have towards the creator who lovingly, and humbly made it for all to admire. On the spiritual road to enlightenment, I found that I could strongly relate to an ability called Clairsentience. Being such a sensitive person, I wasn’t really surprised. I feel emotions very deeply, almost overwhlemingly so, and also other
    people’s emotions can be felt too. Most times, I sense when something is wrong, and I can feel it.

    I instinctively know when someone is lying, or when they’re being superficial, without really knowing how I know, other than by feeling and looking through them to the truth. Another thing which seems to have become more prominent is being creative. Creativity has heightened, which is reflected in my writings and individual nature. I have strong urges to write from the heart, and my outlook on life is one of a revealing sense of passion and knowledge through the senses. Patterns of light
    and shadows are seen, which I believe are angels and spirit guides.

    I call them, The Illuminators Of Love And Light. Having the sense that a presence is with me is quite strong and noticable. I feel as though I have communication and contact with multidimensional beings. I call forth to them, and they have shown me things that I specifically ask for. For example: I decided to sit outside in my back garden one night, and take the time to look up at the night sky. It was roughly 9pm. The sky was clear and filled with stars. I closed my eyes and I called forth my Illuminators Of Love And Light.

    I asked to be connected with the star ships and the light ships of the sky. I asked to be shown things that cannot normally be percieved. I then opened my eyes and began to look at the stars. A few minutes after, I caught sight of something in the sky above which took my breath away, and left me feeling quite faint. I clearly saw 3 white lights which formed a triangular shape. The 3 lights may have been part of one entire object, as they were moving together. The object flew at great speed, completely silent, and shot straight over the roof of my house.

    When I saw it, I let out a gasp in total amazement, and was overcome with emotion. Tears came to my eyes, and I truly felt as though my direct request had been answered. I now believe that what I saw was a light ship. I feel like it was shown to me. The connection between my spirit guides and angels is very real, and that night simply confirmed that. I love them. They are special to me, and are a part of my life. The ability to speak light language and perform light toning has become a new part
    of this path.

    It comes naturally to me, and is not meant to be understood, but rather, felt and expressed. Healing comes from this sacred coding, and has the power to align and balance the chakras. The mental self is advancing on an evergrowing daily basis. I have had several Out Of Body Experiences occur, which are in a sense, psychic experiences. It feels like the human side of self is becoming lesser, and living as a new creational entity in this ascended dimension is now present. The time of awakening has arrived. The more that is presented, the more I learn.

    The learning process has just begun, although, I now have a better understanding of my purpose, and the abilities that are held within. Unlocking our abilities and tapping into unused areas of ourselves, is a step closer to revealing the truth and power that lies in all of us. God given treasures, which can be used for the highest of good. To help be creators of the new Earth, and transcend our planet into a higher frequency. Beautiful sensitivity that is pure and true is one of the things that I’m glad of possessing, as it is so natural, yet potent.

    This itself is a tool for developing spiritual growth, as it makes you a delicate instrument for receiving heavens messages, having empathy, and allowing your sensitivity to guide you, and to help you feel the energy around. This entire spiritual journey has truly been one major life changing experience that I find difficult to express by words alone. What words can possibly be found to explain such indepth information. Love, light, and Universal peace are perhaps the only words that will sum it all up, as they are really the only things you need in life. Love, to express!
    Light, to send out! Universal peace, to dwell within your being!

    Realising the role as an Indigo, Crystal, Rainbow, or starseed, child, or
    adult, is the first step in discovering our path, origin, knowing your purpose, and taking the steps neccessary to make a shift, to make a positive change, and to assist in the transition. To access higher planes of consciousness, so we all, can live in eternal peace and harmony.

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Thank you for sharing your journey with us, Rebecca,

      I relate with your experiences. I, too, saw a UFO ~ when I was a teenager. It was in the daytime. A silver verticle-flying disc with a rainbow contrail. My experience felt serendipitous as well ~ I would never have seen the ship if I hadn’t tripped and fallen at the precise moment I did during a hike. Because I slipped my gaze shot skyward & I saw the beautiful, mysterious thing streaking above me!

      Your story was amazing! What confirmation, to see it so clearly in response to your request.

      I’ve always felt, as well, that this world was not my home. I think that feeling is definitely the gateway to the spiritual path.

      This world is hard for everyone ~ but especially for the beauty-loving, energetically sensitive empath.
      Yet it is that very sensitivity & awareness which we have to offer the world, if we can heal ourselves from its damage.

      Have you read The Starseed Transmisisons by Ken Carey

      I think you would enjoy it. Also:

      From Elsewhere: Being ET In America by Scott Mandelker

      That one would be very interesting for you to read, I think…as it studies the recurring themes of people who believe their spiritual origin is from elsewhere. Interestingly, there are a lot of common experiences, the number one experience being the one you described of looking off into the night sky looking for a ship to come and take you home.

      I definitely think some souls find their homeworlds in other dimensions….and I subscribe to the theory that a number of us have incarnated on Earth to help bring some of our sensitivities into the collective unconscious of humanity…to offer our healing tendencies & our metaphysically inclined natures to help heal the world…I’m sure we are learning a lot ourselves in the process, but it seems we all have the impression of having “a mission” here (as you’ve probably noticed, the word “mission” is a trigger word for star seeds. “From Elsewhere” explores this interesting phenomenon. I have always responded with a peculiar charge to this word as well.)

      Also, you might find these Parallax posts of interest…

      The Outsider As Visionary

      Starseeds, Cosmic Consciousness & The Galactic Generations

      Thank you for your comments & for stopping by. 🙂
      On on, brave traveller!


  • Scarlett says:

    I landed upon this by chance, and I must say I enjoyed it. When I was a child for years and years I would lay in bed close my eyes and watch perfect geometrical figures of all colors, lime green and indigo always seemed to make the most visually stunning shapes. They would start out distant and then come closer and closer until they were everywhere. I would then see bright green cover my entire field of vision. Followed by new geometric patterns with new colors. My goal would always be to get to this beautiful golden hall I would eventually see. I would move at extremely fast speeds down this hall. I’d move through corners, up down, everywhere. I didn’t know this had significance, I just loved the feeling of being on a roller coaster at that young age. Recently, the past 2 years, I became spiritually inclined and have soaked up so much information on the subject. I was raised religious yet the concept was always foreign. When I read about spirituality it made all the things I’d experienced to date come together. Things like mid night “visions” and some amazing experience I’d chalked up to nothing began to mean something. I recently began seeing some of these shapes when I closed my eyes again and it reminded me of my childhood. I had no idea it was related to the “third eye”. However, now the concept of the third eye makes a lot more sense to me. I was under the impression it (the third eye) was utilized via using your imagination. On the contrary, it’s quite real. I also see what you call the energy around people if I try. Although I didn’t realize what it was. Thank you for this article.

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Dear Scarlett,

      I’m so thrilled this post could help crystallize the interrelationship of these concepts for you. I’m honored & excited to be part of your journey in some small way.

      I loved reading about your childhood experiences. I’ve had similar ones! Though it seems like you took it further & really explored those astral planes.

      While language is often insufficient to describe these things, as I put the pieces together myself, it strikes me that when people refer to “the astral planes” they are describing experiences like you had. As you did with the third eye, I always imagined these astral planes explorations as more real-life image-based, more like a waking dream…as such, they seemed like rather inaccessible, though intriguing, experiences.

      But as I continue on The Path I realize I have already experienced glimpses of the astral planes in my third eye visions, either in a dark room or with my eyes closed. I’ve seen the same types of colored illuminated geometric shapes you describe.

      What’s interesting, is that this dimension of dark space illuminated by geometric shapes is one that recurs in tribal art. Here’s an example:

      What I’ve come to consider the goal of my third eye visioning, as you did the golden hall, is a portal-like entryway that sometimes appears in my perception…It is composed of sort of matrix-like, geometric luminous lines…It definitely seems like an entryway into further realms of exploration…

      I often feel drawn into it…but I’ve not gone too much further than simply entering it…I would like to continue these explorations and will certainly write on them in the future here at Parallax. 🙂

      From what I’ve ascertained thus far, reality as we perceive it with the physical eyes looks quite different with said eyes not in use…however, it still exists and appears to have multiple dimensions. This seems to be in keeping with scientific evaluation as well, as quantum physics has broken down the world to a far more fluid, pattern-based & matrix-like reality than we perceive with our physical eyes.

      Here’s a great video on the quantum, or microscopic, universe. I think you will agree the metaphysical correlations are vast!

      And here’s an interesting animation of fractals, which is representative of some of the inner eye experiences I’ve had:

      The relationship between third eye visioning, quantum physics, sacred geometry, fractals & the golden mean are really starting to add up to an exciting picture of reality, where science & spirituality form to complete a whole picture of a fascinating & mystical place we call the universe.

      I wrote a piece on some aspects of this correlation:

      Connectivity Through Form: Sacred Geometry & The Golden Mean

      I think I need to go in for a part two, as I’ve picked up more “pieces to the puzzle” since then!

      I’m so glad your path has brought you back to your original inner visioning capacities…that’s very special. It is a shame that religious dogmas so often drive people away from their spirituality; to insert oneself or one’s institution between a person & their relationship to the mystical within & without is truly insidious ~ though of course most people are just trying to make sense of the world, doing their best, unaware that their attempts at imparting religious feeling are actually alienating people from the true spark of the spiritual.

      Yet it has been humanity’s lot for centuries to climb out from the dogmatic well, or Plato’s cave, into the light of trusting his/her own experience & relationship to the cosmos ~ sans middleman.

      Keep exploring!! This reconnection heralds an exciting time for you! I think many are feeling drawn back to connect with the essential self & its forgotten truths at this time. Exciting!

      Thank you for sharing your story with us & being part of the conversation ~ so glad that you stopped by!

      On on, brave traveller!


      P.S If you haven’t done so already, might I suggest joining the Parallax email list (upper right hand corner of page) so you can be alerted of new posts! I’m thinking my next post will explore a lot of the subjects we’re discussing in this thread! 🙂

  • Alf T says:

    Hi all. Great website Tai. A real credit.

    I rarely recommend the following poem and poet, as most folk don’t appreciate it and him. But I think many here will ..

    Francis Thompson, The Mistress Of Vision

    .. a long, strange, magical poem, you got to read it over and over and over before you get there .. some lines as example, but do look up the link and study the whole.

    Cheers, Alf T


    Where is the land of Luthany,
    Where is the tract of Elenore?
    I am bound therefor.


    ‘Pierce thy heart to find the key;
    With thee take
    Only what none else would keep;
    Learn to dream when thou dost wake,
    Learn to wake when thou dost sleep.
    Learn to water joy with tears,
    Learn from fears to vanquish fears;
    To hope, for thou dar’st not despair,
    Exult, for that thou dar’st not grieve;
    Plough thou the rock until it bear;
    Know, for thou else couldst not believe;
    Lose, that the lost thou may’st receive;
    Die, for none other way canst live.
    When earth and heaven lay down their veil,
    And that apocalypse turns thee pale;
    When thy seeing blindeth thee
    To what thy fellow-mortals see;
    When their sight to thee is sightless;
    Their living, death; their light, most light-
    Search no more–
    Pass the gates of Luthany, tread the region Elenore.’


    Where is the land of Luthany,
    And where the region Elenore?
    I do faint therefor.

    ‘When to the new eyes of thee
    All things by immortal power,
    Near or far,
    To each other link-ed are,
    That thou canst not stir a flower
    Without troubling of a star;
    When thy song is shield and mirror
    To the fair snake-curl-ed Pain,
    Where thou dar’st affront her terror
    That on her thou may’st attain
    Persean conquest; seek no more,
    O seek no more!
    Pass the gates of Luthany, tread the region Elenore.’

    • Tai Carmen says:

      This is a fantastic poem, Alf! Thanks for the share.

      I see what you mean about hidden meaning emerging upon a second read. It’s truly a deep treatise on the visionary’s path!

      “Thou canst not stir a flower
      Without troubling of a star;”

      I’ve heard that marvelous phrase attributed to Tielhard de Charin. I am thankful to know it’s true source!

      “Learn to dream when thou dost wake,
      Learn to wake when thou dost sleep.”

      A poem for waking dreamers, to be sure!

      On on!

  • mglanxon says:

    hhmmm..interesting to me..especially the part regarding “seeing distinct spherical shape in the center of your vision”. I began to notice this swirling, vortex..wormhole…tunnel like shape back in 2003-04. When I stare at a single point on the wall or ceiling..also when I close my eyes in meditation. I never understood it. I have been asking people since my ‘awakening’ last year about this but nobody knew anything about it. This article is the 1st I have found that mentions this. I would not describe it as spherical as it is more like a spinning tunnel, vortex or wormhole like. But spherical is close. When I discovered info regarding chakras I wondered if I was somehow seeing them…my brow or 3rd eye chakra. I do see ‘sparks’, swirling globs of energy, blue, red, purple, bright silver & occasionally & very, very bright light area with a being(guide?) sitting on what looks like a park bench..along w/faces, scenes & other visions..but no blue pearl…yet.I really enjoyed your article. I just discovered it & look forward to reading more of your work. I really wish ALL of us who see these things could get together, in person, & relate/interact w/each other. Thanks..stay safe & strong..MG

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Thanks for sharing your experience with us, Mglanxon!

      I’m so happy to hear this post could help affirm your experience. I agree that this subject doesn’t tend to get teased out beyond the basic third eye chakra description.

      The comments section to this post have been, by far, the most interesting of any other article I’ve written, as almost everyone who comments has experienced something in the category we’re speaking about, and most of us haven’t found that much material out there on it, or connected with many others who have experienced it.

      It’s definitely more like a swirling spiraling vortex than a sphere…words are just a bit slippery when describing something so elusive & esoteric. But I would definitely say “swirling vortex or wormhole” best describes my third eye experience.

      This is separate from my experience with the blue pearl; the blue pearl emerges out of total darkness when I am meditating or focusing inward, usually focusing on the center of my brow or head….whereas the swirling vortex is no color at all, more just a spiraling pattern overlaid on whatever I am looking at…in darkness, it can appear as well, just kind of clear or vaguely luminous. Most often I see that one overlaid over “everyday life,” such as staring at the ground, a tree, etc.

      There is a great tradition in ancient mysticism of the spiral symbolizing life & eternity; and of course, it is the basic fractal pattern that unfolds in everything from galaxies to sunflowers…You might be interested in reading my post, “Connectivity Through Form.” I want to write a new post connecting both “The Art of Seeing” themes with “Connectivity Through Form” material. 🙂

      Metaphysical author Stuart Wilde talks about astral travel & the gateway to such travels being a “wormhole” perceived with the inner eye. I will post some of his quotes on the subject here if I can find them. And I am definitely going to do a follow-up article on “The Art of Seeing,” as it has struck such a chord with my readers! As well as being one of my own major areas of fascination & intrigue!

      Thank you for being part of the conversation! We are pioneers, pushing the boundaries of the assumed reality, and I am grateful for every share & comment on this subject, which fuels our rather isolated experiences, and shows us we are not the only ones having them! Pretty exciting! We may not be meeting in person as you suggest, mglanxon, but the internet has provided at least a virtual meeting ground for some exciting shared examinations of reality!

      On on, brave traveller!


      P.S. Do consider subscribing by entering your email in the top upper righthand corner of the website so that when new posts are published, you’ll be alerted. 🙂 I’m definitely planning on a follow-up article to this one…the subject has had such a fascinating response! There is obviously much more to say on the topic of our inner visionary landscapes. 🙂

    • Alf T says:

      Hi Tai – I’m happy you appreciated the poem. All the best ..

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  • tanya says:

    i only want to ask a question while i was opening up my third eye … it felt soo good.. i saw bible scriptures of paper on the floor and the papers on the floor was lit with so much light arround the edges it was orange and gold it was my pathway… i walked on this till the end when i came to the end i saw a angel he was sooo huge i looked at him , i was shocked cause his arms were giant wings ! i looked at each feather individually and. it was amazingly gourges he was gold and orange the entire seen was so fiery and peacefull but i was so tiny , it was like giant world , i was shoked at the same time and just opend my eyes , but i dont know what that means ?

    • Tai Carmen says:

      From my perspective, Tanya, it means you had an incredible spiritual experience as a result of your third eye meditation. That is really amazing! It’s wonderful.

      Do you have a Judeo-Christian background? It seems like Spirit was communicating to you through scripture. Do you recall the passages? Would be interesting to know the exact ones & for you personally they could figure into your life, possibly as guidance. But overall I believe you can view the scripture as a representation of spiritual messages. Especially considering you walked it like a pathway, indicates the passages might be helpful to you along your pathway. But even if you don’t recall the passages, the main message is that your spirituality has made itself known to you as a path.

      The fact that they were illuminated is further symbolism of Spirit, often appearing in luminous form as pure energy & light. That the angel was giant & you were tiny by comparison seems to represent the powerful nature of the angelic being you were in contact with. That you felt small, perhaps symbolic of your own humility in its presence.

      To me, it means that an angelic presence is guiding your life & this presence revealed itself to you through your meditation. The angel also represents not only itself but Spirit at large and the LOVE CONSCIOUSNESS at large. So I would absolutely feel very excited and know this is an unusually vivid experience. And keep on your spiritual path!

      On on,


    • mglanxon says:

      yea..i know what you mean..i have given up trying to figure out why..this happens to me..the visions & etc..or what it means..for now..i think maybe my multi-dimensional self was just maybe showing me…tantalizing to I will continue on my path…maybe..showing me what may be possible if I continue to work on my self…etc..

  • Jo says:

    Whoa. I see a circular shape but no color
    I did see violet earlier in the distance. Does this mean I’m close to developing my third eye?

  • jaime says:

    I was having trouble getting to sleep so thought I’d give this a go, I started to see greeny purple waves shrinking into the centre of my vision, as if I were travelling backwards down a dimly lit tunnel, rather than fight against it like I normally do, I let the waves take me where they wanted me to go and suddenly the colours formed the head and antlers of a stag, over and over again. Could this be a spirit guide trying to get my attention? It was a shock as it was so clear!

    • Tai Carmen says:


      What an interesting experience. I’m so pleased you shared it; it’s been so fascinating having people weigh in with these personal experiences that we normally just experience within ourselves & don’t get to compare with others.

      The tunnel-like experience you described is very similar to third eye experiences I’ve had myself.

      I do think the stag is a meaningful message from your spirit/subconscious. Very likely a spirit animal! Certainly a potent symbol for this time in your life. (I would google “stag medicine,” “stag totem,” “stag symbolism” for some interesting reading; but ultimately the symbol should be interpreted according to your own personal feelings about the animal that made an appearance.)

      Stags are generally considered symbolic of dignity & strength. A very powerful spirit animal alliance! 🙂

      I’m so glad you had a meaningful experience experimenting with these ideas.

      On on, brave traveler!


      • jaime says:

        The Stag is exactly the spirit guide I need at this moment in my life. I will sleep better knowing it’s there for me.

      • Tai Carmen says:

        Love it! 🙂

        There are some gorgeous images of stags out there…can be cool to create a talismanic representation of one’s spirit ally in one’s home. 🙂 A google of the key words “stag art” yields some inspiring imagery!

  • Carla Marie says:

    Mystery of the phrase “I am that I am” solved. (Personal actualization of truth)

    I have change and have such experienced just about every religion over the span of the past 5 years. And ever since I have engaged my search for God on a more personal level I have experienced Hindu gods, Norse gods, Egyptian gods, planetary energies, elementals, what some might call angels, Ascended masters such as Jesus, and Buddha. (Have yet to see Mohammed- Have yet to see Allah, or Yahweh)

    From Shiva, Ganesha, and Devi to Odin, Set and Horus. There is no discrimination to the characters who appear to me via meditation.
    In my observation all of which are real. But are merely archetypes of the Human Beings. And such “divine” qualities are far more closer to home than most religions might have you believe. As for the infinite source- The ultimate cosmic creator, itself.. remains ever elusive. But that’s just fine and dandy.

    Because, such divinity of the source lives, breaths, speaks, feels, acts, is aware and animates in my own being.

    And as a well long sought result. I now worship, bow and praise the God in me. Which is myself.

    I AM that.

    Thus, am I an atheist? No. am I a theist? No. Am I God fearing? Of course not. So what am I?

    I Am that, ____.
    I Am that, ____.
    I Am that, ____.
    I Am that, ____.
    I Am that, I Am.

    And if you are reading this.. I am pretty sure you are too. *wink emoticon*


    • Tai Carmen says:

      Yes, yes!!! To all of that. So perfectly said. Completely agree. LOVE IT. THANK YOU for being part of the conversation, Carla!

      We need more perspectives like yours in the world.

      On on!!


  • Shanti Devi says:

    To all having inner experiences you truly are blessed. What I would say that too much focus is being put on what objects you are able to see and what colours they are. Concentrate on the journey itself and further truths will reveal themselves. “Seek and Ye will find”. This webpage isn’t particularly religious as the scriptures have been interpreted in a skewed manner over the centuries. The original intention was for the spiritual path to be awakened to the inner worlds. Time has led to these being more outwardly manifestations of what our true reality is. The physical is limited, the spiritual is limitless and if truth be known incomprehensible at this universal level. Transcendence to a higher consciousness is required to reveal what we truly are.
    Some of noted of hearing certain sounds. May I suggest that this is of the most significance and in time you will come to know exactly why, don’t ignore it. Personally I do believe you need a guide, one who has traversed these inner plains else you will become trapped in the wonderous sights of what are only the initial steps of a very very long journey.

  • I am so happy to have found your article, as I have stumbled upon this inner experience and felt a little overwhelmed by it’s un worldly quality. I didn’t even want to share what i see with people close to me because it sounds a bit odd to be honest. I identify absolutely with the slowly turning sphere/flower/planet like object. For me it was like approaching a planet in slow motion. It was pulsing and going in and out of focus. It looked a little like the ground from an aircraft but the shapes were not recognisable as earth like, not quite buildings, almost rivers, not quite fields, everything is like seeing something you have never experienced before, a new place. As it got nearer i actually go a bit scared, like i was going to hit it, but as I closed in on it a space appeared and I went down into it, like a slow motion tube ride. I feel like i’ve been somewhere and don’t know what or where it was……. But it has affected me in my daily life because i have now a sense of vastness that makes my earthly worries seem of no consequence any more. I’m just a grain of rice in a sack of rice,

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Thank you so much for adding your experience to our growing body of anecdotal notes on this fascinating experience of the inner realms, Janice.

      I’m thrilled that my post (which did definitely feel like going out on a limb) has reached so many & inspired comments from readers to confirm these are not isolated experiences. Certainly any regular meditator I’ve ever spoken with is familiar with the third eye experience. But what I have loved most of all in hearing readers’ personal shares is the variety, combined with some of the totally consistent traits: for instance, the sense of the sphere or mandala approaching…and also the feeling of going down a tube. I’ve experienced these as well. It feels very much like an internal portal, or an inner vortex of sorts.

      I will definitely continue gathering material on this & create a part two post in time. Do consider subscribing (by dropping your email in the upper righthand corner) so you’ll be notified about future posts. 🙂

      On on in your journey, brave traveler!


      P.S. A lot of Eastern literature acknowledges the third eye experience. The ancient Chinese text “The Secret of the Golden Flower” deals with inner realm experiences quite a bit. It’s sort of abstract, but very interesting. I haven’t yet come across a reference to the third eye in this website, but has some very comprehensive, accessible meditation exercises, which you might enjoy. 🙂

  • Trudy Feather says:

    Don’t normally comment on forums but have been moved to do so by reading with surprise on this one about the commonality of others’ experiences to my own, and the acceptance of such experiences as a positive gift. Specifically, I went looking on Google for the first time to find references to visions of travelling through spinning vortices, which I get very frequently when I just close my eyes and watch what comes up, without judging or analysing it. Also, my experiences involve frequent changes of viewpoint, as if I myself am twisting and twirling weightlessly through space while seeing structures, buildings, etc from all possible angles, upside down, above, below, etc etc. The idea of ‘parallax’ and change of viewpoint is thus very real for me. I would liken my vortex visions to going down a big convoluted swimming pool tube slide very fast, with whistling wind going past. Also, the experience of brilliant purple light in the centre of my field of vision is much stronger now, and recently, endless triangles, like mirrors within mirrors also have started to appear. I also tend to think in visual symbols much of the time now, and sometimes find myself at a loss for words to interpret the images that come to me into verbal language. Speaking English feels like I need to translate myself into an unwieldy foreign language, when the images are so much clearer than words. I have had a very strong NDE experience when a teenager, but only now that I am entering middle age do I find myself taking this path again. Thanks for this site, commonsense, not too much religious dogma, and supportive and positive. Don’t quite know where I’ll go from here! I do agree with Shanti that there is a danger of being trapped by these ‘wondrous sights’, but think I’ll just keep watching them without trying to control them or direct the process. Surrendering to the ‘flow’ and becoming pure perception is not my habitual way, but seems to bring the most authentic experiences when I do manage to let go of analytical thought, effort, and control of the outcome. I have no idea what all of this means, but it certainly is an interesting ride. 🙂

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Trudy, thank you so much for your comment. The most interesting thing has been happening actually: that phrase, or something like it, (“why do I see a spinning tunnel when I shut my eyes”) is a trending search phrase on Google at the moment, making this article my number one most read post for the past several months. (!)

      I wrote this article several years ago but have just begun a follow up piece, which should be my next post. So I highly recommend you subscribe (top right hand corner) to receive notification of new posts. I’ve been studying the phenomenon further & there is much to say! Apparently, it’s a hot topic!

      The main insight I’ve gleaned since first writing this article is that through opening this personal vortex we can invite our souls (from which, in my view, we are collectively so detached that we see them as our “higher selves” because we don’t fully embody them on a daily basis) into our body & field of awareness. So it can function as a bridge between worlds; ours & the subtler dimensions.

      By that same token, judging by experiences like yours (which are fascinating! Thank you for sharing; very much sounds like astral travel to me), the bridge can also be used in the inverse way; as a means to traverse other worlds.

      One reader asked in these comments what the practical application was & at the time I answered with a rather foggy “provides a sense of greater meaning…and I can kind of see auras now.” But after working with this phenomenon for some time I would amend & clarify that I believe it is not only the link to our next level of perception, where we can actually begin to see energy, but actually our access point to bringing our spirits more fully down to earth, in short, the age old prophesy & yearning to “bring heaven down to earth.”

      The very fact that this phrase (“why do I see a spinning tunnel when I shut my eyes?”) is becoming such a popular Google “search” is exciting to me.

      I remember when I first posted it a while back I didn’t even want to talk about my personal experiences on the actual post, they sounded so “woo woo;” I kept to historical background in thr official forum & saved my own adventures for the more obscure comments section. So few people had put words to this phenomenon, beyond simply alluding vaguely to the “third eye” or “spiritual sight,” it felt like risking credibility to actually detail these things.

      But I believe the time for hiding, or “keeping a low profile,” is done. And we are clearly not alone. 😉

      Thank you for your kind words about the blog. I do very earnestly try to keep it a dogma-and- assumption-free space….It frustrates me that spiritual exploration so often comes hand in hand with an assumed worldview, which ends up feeling quite dogmatic. I believe we should assume nothing; explore every possibility. But we must keep notes on the journey, we must try to put the puzzle pieces together. So thank you for offering your piece!

      On on!


  • I came out of the shower and I felt like it would be a good idea to sort of quiet my mind for a few minutes and as I was standing there after I had changed clothes after about 1 minute I’d clearing my mind I noticed a strange very teeny tiny blue neon blue light that I have never noticed before, at first I thought it was a spirit, I still think it is one btw. if anyone can tell me what this might be that would be great.

    also I used a emf detector and I did get a few strange emf spikes in the bathroom area, but Idk I have never had any expirience with spirits in any form of communication.

    • Tai Carmen says:

      The blue light tends to be third eye seeing….If it was in the very center of your vision, I would say it is what has been called “the blue pearl” in Eastern literature. It’s indicative of a third eye awakening! Opening the ajna chakra between the two hemispheres of the brain. Please check back on this site for an upcoming article detailing this phenomenon. (Assuming you have already read the article this page of comments is attached to.) You can subscribe in the top right hand corner. There have been a lot of third eye awakenings lately, and I plan to write a follow up piece to this post very soon! 🙂

      It might be interesting to see what comes of some third eye meditations. This can be done simply by calming the mind, turning the gaze inwards, closing your eyes, and focusing on the space between your eyes…though do not hurt yourself by overly crossing your eyes. You can imagine just gazing at a distant mountain….with your eyes closed. See if a blue sphere emerges from the darkness of your closed eyes and use it, when it does, as a focus for your meditation. Often this will induce inner visions! And you may begin to see auras around things shortly thereafter.

      Good luck!

      On on,


      • Logan campbell says:

        OK thankyou, I believe that the light would have been the opening of the Chakra because lately I have been trying to open it up.

      • Tai Carmen says:

        Oh, well then that is most assuredly what it was.

        Do feel free to share your experiences here. We have created quite a third eye friendly forum. And we are always interested to hear new anecdotes that detail this previously enigmatic concept in “real life” descriptions.

        Happy travels through inner space! Good luck!


  • dragon boy says:

    i am a student and i concur and congratulate you on figuring out the simple fact that we are linked in many ways to worlds we can explore simply by opening our minds to different perspectives in life .

  • […] Something interesting is happening. Currently, and for the past several months, the number one most searched out post on Parallax is “The Art of Seeing: Third Eye Perception & The Mystical Gaze.” […]

  • Hi, another phenomenon occurred which seems to highlight how the meditating brain is translating the outside world in a changed way. I was meditating in a hammam and could hear a child and parents talking to one another. As my mind ‘stilled’ the speech became a strange unidentified string of sounds, perfectly audible but with absolutley no meaning to me as speech. It was as if the mind was accepting the sounds as just that, nothing more than sounds, without interpreting them into speech. It made me realise how we use our brains in everyday activities to interpret the world, and to do that we neccessarily have to change it into something that we have learnt to understand. If we are interpreting language in this way, is my brain interpreting and changing other things that are experienced through other senses during daily life? hhmmm?

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Fascinating example & YES! Neuroscience itself affirms that the brain does not record, but rather, interprets reality.

      Even more fascinating, for efficiency’s sake, it only interprets what it deems relevant & important. So what makes us deem something relevant & important? Social conditioning, of course, What we have been groomed, through subtle punishment & reward, to regard as consensus reality. Stuff everybody sees….in the way that everybody has agreed to see it.

      So it’s of note that the brain literally disregards data it does not deem relevant. This alone is a mind-bender! We could literally be standing right in front of something we have been conditioned not to regard as real, and not see it, because the brain has learned to disregard it in its processing.

      Like, woa. 😉

      Thanks for your interesting comment!
      On on,


  • cv says:

    I experienced this by accident. I saw a white light angel telling me to come. Then a purple vortex appeared. I had just laid down to sleep but was still awake and just went with it and woke up the next morning

  • Kathrine Scacciaferro says:

    Strange. And I do not mean this in any kind of negative manner. I have been reading many things on visions in meditation. Many say that the ultimate goal is to see a star in a circle with a blue background. I am training on being a Reiki Master and through my first attunement, what I saw and experienced surpassed everything I had ever read. It even surpassed the time I died during surgery. And that experience was life altering… even though I saw the ring of clouds, slowly turning in a mechanical fashion each ring off set but identical. I did not “zoom” to the light. I took my time, slowly, paying attention to every detail of the cloud tunnel. Only out of the corner of my eye did I see the light and someone standing there. The man threw up his arms like “what the heck? Why you taking so long?” I just smiled at him and continued to look at the clouds. When I was almost at the door, yes for me it was a round mechanical door, I smiled at the man, and felt myself starting to pull back and he freaked out and tried to grab me. Well he missed so he threw thousands of that looked like photos at me which got “downloaded” into my third eye. That was my NDE. But my meditation was unbelievable. I have never been able to meditate without those hypnotic tunes. This time, I just listened to my teacher, hearing the music and suddenly I was not bound to my body anymore. I was in essence, being me as well as being my own guardian. I “we” were still sitting in position, but I had become a body of light. I was in space. Traveling gently towards a beautiful blue, pink, and purple galaxy. It was truely breath taking. Something caught my attention to the left, and there was the light being of Buddha meditating under a silver tree. I remember feeling a wave of love wash over me as I looked back at the galaxy. My eyes locked to it. I knew I had to get to it. And in my guardian form, I witnessed that as my light body and eyes focused on the huge galaxy, an identical mini galaxy formed about one inch in front of my third eye. This galaxy WAS my third eye. This too took my breath away. This was just my first Reiki attunement. I can’t wait for my next one!

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Fascinating! Thank you for that inspiring share,Kathrine. Makes me want to get a reiki attuned T, ASAP! 😉

      I have heard other stories of people floating through space towards a nebulae that felt like home…a friend’s mystical drug trip comes to mind (extra points for getting there naturally!) He told me he found himself floating away from Earth in his mind’s, towards this incredibly compelling nebulae, which felt familiar & lovely….I think his nebulae was pink hued as well!

      I too get a strong sensation of home & happiness when I think of floating towards a pinkish nebulae…

      But I LOVE your twist that it was in fact your third eye you were seeing!!!

      Please do share again if you have any more fascinating experiences like this…great notes on the journey!!

      On on!

  • Terence says:

    Quite interesting read! I thought you did well with the descriptions, as we both know it can be tough to describe the content of these experiences. I have for years observed the beautiful blue “spot-light”. Usually at night, but it has made several appearances in the day time as well, coloring over, but not obscuring the rest of visible reality. I’ve observed the blue light also change to violet. It is only when it changed to violet that imagery seemed to set up in it. The blue light has also unfolded into an awesome looking tunnel, that starts off small, but then increases in size to encompass the whole of the field of vision. The change in size is somewhat similar to the behavior of the “spot” in the visual migraines I experience.

    In a tangent the visual migraine spot has interesting features on the periphery that look like several differently revolving spokes undulating through a medium that looks like flame, heat waves in the air, and water all at the same time. The blue spot has also appeared when my eyes were closed, just like the “sparks” that move about, most easily seen against the blue sky, but also with eyes closed. The “sparks” themselves seem to exist as a “field” in front of another mass that looks like ever moving heat waves everywhere. It is that substance that I’ve observed take on the appearance of a whirlpool with focus.

    One thing I’ve observed a number of times but that has me puzzled is something that looks like a revolving triangle (2d) or pyramid(3d) that moves like it is on the surface of water. It swirls around but I cannot see it clearly and have no idea what it could be.

    Could go on, but just wanted to stop for a moment, express gratitude and enjoy that someone out there has had some similar experiences to myself 🙂

    • Tai Carmen says:

      Fascinating, Terence, thank you so much for sharing your experiences of inner space & being part of the conversation. I have so enjoyed hearing people’s personal descriptions, it adds so much to our anecdotal understanding of this elusive phenomenon.

      Pretty much everything you described sounds like something I have also experienced at some time or another (with the exception of migraine spots); I have even seen a triangle!

      There’s something at work here….

      What do you make of the tube? So many of us perceive that, and Stuart Wilde (author & metaphysican) talks about entering the tube and engaging in an etheric “mirror world…” But I’ve never really felt I had much success trying to enter the portal. Perhaps once, I did; but generally, it remains elusive in terms of entrance.

      On on, brave traveler,


  • s bhatnagar says:

    how to control energy of third eye.

  • pinky says:

    I am experiencing all of that you have written here. In fact, thought it may sound “looney”..i would still thank you for listing out all symptoms of third eye opening. It makes people like me feel better about it.


    • Tai Woodville says:

      I’m so glad that this comments section has become such an interesting hub of discussion! People tend to keep these experiences to themselves, so it’s nice to compare notes! Amazing, the similarity of our experiences.

      Thanks for stopping by, Pinky!

      On on,


  • Alex says:

    Hi there I had a spiritual experience a few years ago, and from then on I see a purple light in my vision all the time when I’m awake through out the day and when my eyes are open or closed its a part of my vision now, I still don’t know what it exactly is but I do have a feeling it is spiritual, I don’t think it’s a vision problem but I could also be wrong, would anyone know what this is and what I should do about it, thank you.

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Hi Alex,

      Thanks for writing! This definitely sounds like an open third eye/ajna chakra situation to me. But what I would recommend is that you do have an eye test just to do your due diligence. Most likely the test will find nothing (since this corresponded with a spiritual experience) and then you will feel validated and confirmed in your interpretation. Plus you will have done your due diligence on a practical level.

      I did this when I began experiencing lightning-like flashes around my third eye area while writing a third eye related article, “The Mind’s Eye” for this blog. It happened three times. I was sure it was a third eye opening, but just to be sure, I went to the eye doctor. He said there was nothing wrong at all with my eyes, and I felt much better (because if you google “lightning in vision” it points towards a torn retna.) But my retna was fine & it was affirming to know this was indeed entirely on the spiritual dimension.

      Now, even if there are corresponding vision aspects, I don’t think that erases the spiritual connection; I believe that they can absolutely co-exist ~ if you check out my post on this website “The Mind’s Eye,” you will see that the scientific explanation for these colors in our field of vision doesn’t at all negate a third eye connection…but all the same, knowing there are no other causes is affirming.

      Have you tried meditating on this purple light? I would be interested to know your interaction with it. Have you noticed any enhanced extra sensory or visionary—in the sense of receiving image downloads—capacity since it moved into your field of vision?

      My vote is that it is definitely an open & awakened third eye/sixth chakra & that it is a very cool sign of spiritual progress! And I also like to do my due diligence on both the practical & the esoteric front, so I would do a vision test just to be sure, and most likely our suspicions will be confirmed. 🙂

      On on,


      • Alex says:

        Hi Tai. Thank you for the reply. I actually did get a eye test done when the purple light appeared, the doctor said that my eye are fine and he couldn’t say what exactly was going on with my eyes. So I just left it at that because the light wasn’t bothering me and I didn’t mind it. Now I’m sure that this is the third eye. it’s been with me for about 3 years now. I do have dreams that are about the third eye that I see vary interesting ones. But to till you the truth I never meditated before at all, just recently I been looking in to it and what I have found on the internet that I’m most drawn to is the violet flame maditation. I’m sure you have heard of this. I just been practicing it for afew days . And just in these afew days I have noticed a change in my mood and thoughts. Tai what am I supposed to do with this ability ? how should I go about it to learn more ? I want to know everything I can.

      • Tai Woodville says:


        That’s good that you got an eye test. Now that’s out of the way, you can have fun with it! 🙂

        I absolutely think meditation is the next step for you. It’s a hurdle on our paths as seekers that must be passed, as far as I can tell. It can be challenging, but it’s really where a true connection with this greater sense of Being will be formed.

        I am familiar with the violet flame meditations & I think they are very uplifting! That’s wonderful that you have had a good experience with them. You might also research and connect with some third eye focused meditations. There’s a great app called “Headspace,” which has a number of free sessions of ten minute guided meditations. Those are a top notch place to start too.

        To answer your question, as far as I can tell, once you start opening the finer senses of perception, which you might call “seeing through the spiritual eye,” you begin to discern the fabric of existence and process it to higher degrees, which in turn yields personal insights, revelations & inspirations, hightening consciousness by connecting you with the heavenly frequencies of joy, bliss, empathy, being, and presence. It’s a puzzle piece on your own personal journey of putting the pieces together. 🙂

        As we gain further compassionate awareness of our own being, we are more able to be gentle & kind with others, which is the first step towards world peace. This is the higher level of consciousness that we seekers are striving to bring forth via our own awareness & focus: because we can save humanity from self-destructing if we gain personal awareness that ripples outward into our communities. In this way you have the opportunity to be part of a planetary mission towards a more enlightened society.

        Good luck exploring your very own cosmic portal!


    • Tai Woodville says:

      The difference between a third eye meditation and a classic meditation is that in the third eye meditation you are focusing on the space between your eyes, or the center of your skull. And in a classic meditation you aren’t thinking about that, you’re just focusing on your breath and on not getting attached to the thoughts that waft in and out of your mind. In third eye meditations you are also doing these things, but you are also focusing on the third eye area with your closed eyes.

  • recently I was closing my eyes to go to sleep and I noticed something that’s new light purple smoke swirling around whenever I close my eyes almost resemble a portal being all of a sudden I could see through it like a window and I saw what it looks like different beings or other people moving about doing different things and I almost swear that they could see me too then the portal would swirl and close only 2 reopen somewhere else watch against for what seemed like at least 16 for moreI also noticed that could see into space I saw Stars and galaxies behind my mind’s eye what does this mean

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Thank you for your interesting note, Willie. My take on the experience you’re describing is that you are experiencing awareness of your third eye portal opening up. It is often described as indigo or purple, and corresponds with the sixth chakra, called the “ajna” chakra. I recommend researching this area and you will continue to piece the puzzle together. What you are experiencing sounds like a genuine mystical experience…The universe is infinite, and as we begin to travel inner space, this infinitude takes on more meaning. We begin to see that there are many layers to reality, many, many dimensions. This is one of the key revelations on the spiritual quest, shared by many ancient schools of mystical thought, increasingly corroborated by quantum physics.

      What we begin to see as we explore our own perception through an awakened third eye is: reality is composed of many more subtle layers of energy than our regular six senses would have conveyed to us.

      So I believe you were viewing other worlds through this portal in your experience.

      In my view, the stars and galaxies you see indicate a universal oneness of consciousness, a sacred sense of sharing respectful & reverent space with the rest of existence ( see my post “Beyond Division: Studies in Bliss”), indicating also a sense of connectivity with all things—a state typically reported by mystics, monks, saints, poets, etc. You are witnessing that potentiality within yourself.

      Remember to use loving-kindness & a sense of reverence for life as your compass, and you will be lead in the right direction!

      Happy travels in inner space. 🙂


  • Tania says:

    I recently had a session with my Shuman and had the most amazing session. I recently came back from Peru and Argentina and was told there is a vortex their. Not knowing this until now. I had an episode before he started my session that I immediate was grounded without him touching my feet. I asked him if he was touching my feet and his answer was no. So he continued and I starting to see a light bean radiating from the middle of my forehead. As soon as that started seeing the light I got a feeling that I was spinning as if I was In a hurricane. I was very grounded during my session that I have elevated myself to the next level. What does this vortex mean ?

    • Tai Woodville says:


      Thank you for sharing your story! I am not entirely sure what you mean by “grounded without him touching my feet”—not sure how you are using the word ‘grounded’ in this context. However it sounds like a powerful experience! It definitely sounds like a third eye opening/awakening, seeing the beam of light radiating from the middle of your forehead. The sensation of spinning supports this interpretation, because the chakras spin. So it sounds like you entered fully into the awareness of your third eye chakra.

      Now you will be more receptive to further cultivating your spiritual & energetic awareness. I recommend starting a meditation practice, even if it is just five minutes a day. This will ground you into your new expanded relationship to Being & your own inner space. Exciting!

      On on!

  • Tracy Smith says:

    I have just started seeing a mandala when I close my eyes ..when I open them again everything is green and slowly my eyes return to normal ..anyone else experiencing this ? And what does it mean ?

    • Tai Woodville says:


      Thank you for sharing your experience with us! I hope some other readers will weigh in, but I’ll just start the ball rolling by saying that since green is associated with the heart chakra, I’d wager the green after-effect you are seeing indicates that your third eye opening is also opening your heart chakra, which is PERFECT, because it will keep you protected energetically to be coming from a heart-based place while you explore the dimensions of inner space, which the third eye portal accesses.

      I have not personally experienced an after-effect of color such as this, but the mandala absolutely indicates a third eye opening. And the color itself definitely points towards a heart opening.

      I’ve read & heard that ideally the third eye chakra & the heart chakra are connected & opened in tandum, so I think this is a very positive sign, my friend!

      Happy travels in inner space!


  • vineetha says:

    I usualy do simple meditations in my room.
    When I enter to my room I can see some times white light standing inside my room near my door. I also see one or two golden light falling from up to down while praying or thinking.
    Please explain about it.

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Well, I would consult your own intuition to know for sure if these are specific angelic presences or more general divine energy sparkles you are seeing throughout the fabric of existence, but white light definitely suggests divinity. And certainly it seems as though your third eye is opening. It sounds like your meditations are bringing you closer to the spiritual realms by allowing you to witness divine presence here on earth.

      On on,


  • Angela says:

    I have been meditating for a while now and lately I have been seeing images of conch during deep meditating. Does it signify anything?

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Absolutely. The most universal association of the conche shell is with the spiral it features on the top of its structure, which denotes the famous Fibonacci Spiral — see “Connectivity Through Form: Sacred Geometry & The Golden Mean”. Both a scientific/mathematical and metaphysical concept, the Fibonacci Spiral indicates interconnectedness and underlying unity through all existence.

      Thank you for your comment. On on,


      • Truefeather says:

        That’s very interesting. When I read that about a conch I immediately heard the sound of a blown temple conch, which has formed that association in my mind due to my association with Tibetan Buddhism. I looked it up, as one of the 8 auspicious symbols, and it said that a right coiling white conch blown represents sound of melodious truthful teachings. I wondered if there was any geometrical significance in it needing to be coiling to the right in regards to Fibonacci sequence or sacred geometry? Don’t know much about this.

      • Tai Woodville says:

        Interesting! That definitely adds to the symbolism. It also made me think of how, when we hold a conch to our ear, we hear the sea; there could be some interesting symbolism pointing towards listening to the secrets revealed in nature & stillness. How something as large as the sea could be echoed in such a small mirco-cosm as the chambers of a shell *from* the sea….sort of goes with the idea that we are micro-expressions of a macro-consciousness, as a ray is to the sun.

        I imagine the clockwise spiral is reflective of the Fibonacci spiral. Also, generally the clockwise direction is the way our chakras are supposed to spin (although I have read that some people’s spin counter-clockwise & that is just the way of that particular person.)

        Interesting that it is one of the 8 auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddism! Hopefully this can be a helpful insight for our reader who had the vision of the conch. 🙂

        Thanks for weighing in!

        On on,


    • Tai Woodville says:

      Angela, did you see one of our readers, Truefeather, weighed in with some more interesting data about the conch shell? And my reply to them holds some further musings as well. Apparently it is one of the 8 auspicious symbols in Tibetan Buddhism. Check out their comment for more info! 🙂

      On on,


  • Tynan says:

    I have directly perceived for myself the cosmic vortex in a state between being fully awake and fully asleep. It started as an inward perceptual descent into myself, as if my perception was literally being sucked within by a black hole. I entered a black empty space where a mere spec of whitish light in this black space was dancing around. It’s shape was spherical. As I focused on this light, my perception was naturally drawn deeper into, as if Scorpian from Mortal Kombat had grabbed me with his sphere and pulled me towards him with lightening speed. The spec of white light either transformed into or became a much larger version of a vortex in which my perception appeared to be traveling through. It was so profound and no verbal description could ever do justice to encapsulate what I saw.

    • Tai Woodville says:


      Thank you so much for sharing your fascinating experience! You say no verbal description could ever do it justice, and that may be true, but you did a pretty darn good job of describing it! I have experienced pretty much this exact same thing and I feel like you put it to words better than I have been able to do (it does definitely defy description).

      It’s so fascinating to know that we are all having such similar interactions with inner space!

      That’s so interesting that you felt it corresponded with your heart area. Very noteworthy! That makes total sense to me. The heart area has always seemed like the center of my being, when I look within during meditation.

      In terms of the radiant crystal-like geometrical shapes I have experienced those as well during third eye meditations. The most memorable experience of the lights I experienced was on a very profound mushroom trip when I closed my eyes and went within. These lights weren’t as geometric as the shapes I see often in meditation…it was a bit different.

      As you experienced, it happened *after* being sucked into the inner vortex; it seemed to me as though my consciousness / awareness had traveled through this inner portal or wormhole and spit me out into this dimension where all around me I saw dancing/moving colored luminous filaments of light. It felt like a home dimension. Like these lights were how we appear without bodies. I felt sure that to them I looked like a luminous filament. They were against this black void of space and very colorfully expressing themselves…the mood was pure joy and connection. I received the distinct impression that they were sentient and all telepathically connected. I asked them what the purpose of life was and they said “to bring heaven to earth,” which I understood to mean to bring the love and connection of their dimension (which I believe is our source, or a source, dimension; a heavenworld) to biological existence. I received the impression that that is what we are all working towards….being able to have the joyful connectivity and awareness of divine eternality that they experience in their dimension but with the fun physical individual expressivity of being human…

      That was a very particular experience, helped by psychedelics….but it corresponded so closely with experiences I had had in meditation that it felt like a real visionary touchstone.

      Thank you for your comment!
      On on!


  • Tynan says:

    I’d like to add that this inward descent where my perception feels it is being sucked deeper within myself has happened enough times that I have noticed it feels as if my perception enters my heart area. In addition to perceiving a vortex, I have also perceived beautiful streaks of light and radiant colorful crystal-like geometrical shapes. It’s of worth to add that these perceptions have always taken place after first being “sucked” into this black empty space.

  • Lori says:

    Hi last night I went to sleep. Not sure if I was half asleep already cause I was quite tired. The lights were off and all of a sudden I saw this purple glowing light thing with smoke coming off it and the room was brightened up. I thought that was weird and observed it for a while before it disappeared. I must be still awake cause I asked my husband after if he saw it and he said I was dreaming…. It felt so real I google it today and it appears to be some purple flame. Can you tell me what that may mean? thanks and I don’t meditate.

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Hi Lori!

      Thank you for sharing your interesting experience. In my experience, and others’ whom I’ve spoken with on the subject, the time between being fully awake and fully asleep–that intermediate zone— is a prime time to witness third eye phenomena, which is what I suspect you experienced. Most likely this is because the logical reasoning centers of the brain are taking a backseat, brainwaves are gearing up for sleep, and the normal mental structures we have in place are relaxed, allowing for non-language based mental imagery to surface….and, it appears, relaxing our ability to perceive third eye phenomena (see links below for details).

      My most intense and clear experiences of a third eye vortex have been during the time between sleeping and waking up. And I don’t personally feel it is a dream, because I see the same phenomena to a lesser degree when I am awake & I shut my eyes…it just seems to be much easier to see during that in-between stage.

      As you can see from the shared stories on this forum, you are not the only one to experience this very specific phenomena and it corresponds with loads and loads of data, both anecdotal & abstract, from the past 5000 years, derived from meditating monks & Eastern thinkers; basically, people inclined to meditate & “go within” for their spiritual practice.

      According to Eastern philosophy from Taoism to East Indian sacred texts, everybody has this spiritual center, or sixth chakra (also called the “third eye”); meditation opens & activates this energy center, but it’s there in everyone. Psychedelics can enhance it as well. There are lots of different focuses of meditation, and the sort you may want to investigate in light of your question is specifically “third eye meditation.”

      The sixth chakra is supposed to be violet in color, according to the ancient studies of the east which have now been integrated into western spiritual studies. As you may know, the root chakra, at the tail bone/genitals area is red, the second chakra, right above that is orange, the solar plexus is yellow and the heart is green. The throat is blue, the third eye is violet and the crown is multi-colored/white.

      I would not take this on good faith alone, but when I close my eyes and focus on the place between my eyebrows I *do* see a vague (and sometimes very clear) violet sphere most of the time. So there appears to be something to it.

      In terms of the violet flame….here is a great article about it:

      Although students of the violet flame practice purport that it is an ancient spiritual tool (and I have no reason to doubt it, the color violet has long been associated with higher spirituality), the introduction of the violet flame concept is newer than the chakra system, which goes back thousands and thousands of years.

      Whether the violet flame is the same thing as the sixth chakra is rather a question for you to work out as you study both, though they would seem to be related. Although the violet flame isn’t limited to the sixth chakra, it may be that it expresses itself through the sixth chakra.

      In terms of your question, “What it means,” I would say this is an opportunity to further your spiritual journey and investigate going “inward,” both through researching the violet flame, and implementing some of its meditations, perhaps, and also possibly doing some third eye meditations. It doesn’t have to be for a long time. A minute or two a day is a great place to start. This can open up a whole world of energetic phenomena.

      It appears we are fundamentally energy beings within these dense physical bodies, and the energy can be worked with (look up “energy meridians” & “reiki.”) It’s a fine and subtle art, and a lot of people won’t get it because these things aren’t visible to the naked eye. But the more you work with these energies & phenomena the more you become sensitized to feeling the energies, and often times, as you experienced, seeing them in the darkness of your closed eyes. It seems to me like an invitation from your higher soul self to begin a spiritual practice.

      If you are wondering: what is the benefit of tinkering with such subtle phenomena? The answer is: it opens up a whole world of your inner being to you. In our culture we focus on the external, on the physical, and we are largely unhappy, lost, disconnected & searching for purpose. The more you get to know yourself as consciousness, not just a personality, the more connected you will become to the larger forces at work within existence…basically, you will begin to understand much of the wisdom the great sages offered us, which may previously have not held meaning for you. You will begin to feel more powerful and centered and compassionate, because you are expanding your sense of consciousness. You may experience psychic phenomena and increased intuition. You may receive higher callings or inspirations…

      Basically, you are putting yourself in touch with a more expanded concept of your own being and its place within the universe. Pretty exciting stuff! This has a great affect on lessening anxiety and depression. It’s an uplifting connection that can enrich your life and enhance your own perception. So I would say: go for it! Investigate. Explore.

      I hope this helps! Feel free to stop by any time and relate your progress or any questions. And consider subscribing in the top right hand corner of the page to be notified of future posts.

      Here are some Parallax articles on the third eye:

      “Third Eye Perception & The Mystical Gaze”

      “The Mind’s Eye”

      “Inward Bound: Exploring The Fractal Matrix”

      Good luck on your journey! On on,


  • Trudy Feather says:

    I am wondering if others have had to overcome their own family and religious conditioning to be able to fully open themselves to these phenomena without naysaying the validity of their own experience? Specifically, for me I come from a very anti-religious family who did not have a great deal of time for my religious explorations in my formative years. To add to that, I found Tibetan Buddhism, or at least my experience of it, to have a narrow view of what one should try to achieve during one’s meditation, namely the elimination of one’s attachment, anger and ignorance. Now while those are great goals, they do not leave room for much individual exploration, along the lines of the experiences of others on this blog. I left Buddhism because of what I perceived to be an authoritarian attitude to spirituality, and a discouragement from authority figures to freely question the tenets of that faith, with, I might add, the greatest respect for it as well. I thought I had overcome these to follow my own path, but unexpectedly they surface as internal ‘voices’ – I can hear the voice of my family saying “people will think you’re a weirdo if you post that stuff” or my lama commanding me to “meditate!!” when I asked questions based on my own meditative experiences which were not in line with the standard view. These have left me with a reluctance to believe in things I cannot prove – not necessarily a bad thing, as it can be I think grounding when one forays into the unknown places of the mind. Yes I find it very helpful to check with others’ experiences, including the sages, to counter the voice in my head of those collective naysayers, which says ‘you’re just making stuff up’ which I am sure is not true, given the commonality of these experiences. My question is for me a difficult one, with which I am currently wrestling, how does one view these experiences with openness and respect for those who have gone before, without being carried away by one’s own imagination, desires, etc and in effect inventing another religion for oneself, which may end up limiting one’s openness to ‘what is’ just as much as lamas or family members did? William Blake wrote “I must create a system for myself, or be enslaved by another man’s. I will not reason and compare, my business is to create” My question is, in effect, how does one prevent oneself being ‘enslaved’ by any system at all, one’s own, or “another man’s” ? Not an easy question, given man’s propensity to order experience by creating systems to explain it. Any thoughts on this dilemma would be gratefully received. It is a somewhat burning question for me as I am facing a terminal illness and have found my meditative experiences a source of strength and joy that I do not wish to deny, of obvious import to questions such as the dimensionality of our being and survival of who or what after death in this physical plane.

  • janice branley says:

    This strikes a chord with me as I recognise the same feelings of having no field of reference for these new experiences. If I were to try and discuss details, I am sure, as you said, that even loving family members would say I was either imagining it or were just losing my mind. I read this week that it is our conscious mind that rationalises and interprets our meditative experience, after we have felt it, so I have begun a meditation diary and this does help to try and understand, describe and acknowledge what I have seen.

    I try to seek confirmation, through sites such as this, that others are on the same path, and i’m not the only one on this journey, but while some accounts I can identify with, I find none exactly the same as mine, so ultimately I have to accept that I am unique as you are unique, and our journey is individual to us alone. It is this sense of accepting our uniqueness I believe can give us the confidence to view/accept all experience with an openness and respect, that judges neither our own view, or that of others that have gone before.

    I believe we are shown what we are capable of seeing\feeling and it is barely within our capability to describe these things. I have experienced since my journey started, a sense of movement, of travel from one place to another, yet not so much me going somewhere, but of somewhere else coming to me. So in answer to your question about not being carried away by ones own imagination. I think if we suspend imagination/desire and accept what comes to us without judgement or fear, then we are open to infinite possibilities beyond anything that we could simply imagine.

    To not be enslaved by a system, I believe one would have to ‘let go’ of all systems and surrender to being a unique spiritual creation.

    • Trudy Feather says:

      Thank you for that thoughtful answer.
      I find your points regarding accepting one’s own, and therefore others’ uniqueness without judgement most helpful. Stumbled across Krishnamurti’s idea of ‘choiceless awareness’ the other day – as far as I understand it, meditation without a system or technique, which resonates with me as well. As for whether one is travelling to somewhere else, or somewhere else is travelling to oneself, yes, I get that. Have experienced both points of view while meditating and cannot choose between them, appear to randomly flip from one way to another for me. My meditation is normally accompanied by a great sense of movement, be rare for me to experience a ‘still’ moment unless I work at concentrating on something. Not just in meditation, but while driving a car along a long open road I got the sudden sense that the car and I were stationary and it was the road that was rushing towards me. Quite disorientating. Would be interested to know if that experience is a common one or not. I find this site really helpful and balanced for checking whether others are experiencing these phenomena also.

      • Tai Woodville says:

        Dear Trudy,

        I’m happy to know my points have been helpful. Thank you for your comment. I haven’t experienced that with the car per se, but I know exactly what you mean about traveling inwardly through the third eye portal, and wondering where exactly the traveling is occurring. I have two thoughts on that: one is that I believe when we are dealing with the quantum matrix (or whatever you want to call the subtler realms of reality we see in meditation and on psychedelics), the concept of location becomes a lot more….fluid, shall we say. I think the outer and the inner become sort of mixed….ceasing to be an either/or scenario, their true oneness is revealed.

        That’s just at the edge of human thought, and hard to wrap one’s brain around, but I think there is something there. On that same point: imagine that your everyday human/earth personality is an avatar, like in a videogame, and the actual gamer is the soul, “playing” at being human in this physical world from a location different than the avatar (because, to use the videogame analogy, the gamer CAN NOT exist within a two dimensional videogame, but they can project their experience into the video game in a way by controlling the avatar.) That is a kind of modern analogy for the age old concept of “world as illusion” or matrix, with the greater spiritual awareness existing in a less physical dimension….After a lot of study and direct personal experiences I truly think there is something to this concept. So, using the videogame analogy, we are never really moving, we just THINK we are moving, because the videogame is changing around us! And if you really want to break open your mind, add the fact that the avatar has forgotten that he is attached to a gamer! Imagine the avatar thinks the videogame is all that exists and he is more real than the forgotten gamer….in that scenario the avatar goes rogue and the gamer can only sit and watch as the personality, forgetful of its soul attachment, goes about blindly in the world wondering “What it’s all about.” (!)

        But to bring it back from the abstract, I believe we are projecting our consciousness into the inner portal of the third eye. So our awareness is traveling through it while our body sits in a room.

        Hope that’s some good food for thought. Thanks for being part of the conversation! 🙂


  • Ricky says:

    Hi tai,

    First of all – what an interesting read. Its so strange reading into this, its more that i stumbled into seeing it before reading anything about it. Backing up my visions with what others have mentioned really has been so eye opening.

    It began by me laying in bed listening to music, ive tried to mediate before but always found it too hard to surpess thoughts. It began by being able to see two blue like shapes in each eye. I knew that it represented each eye as i concerntrated to turn each one off the blueness would turn into complete darkness on that side. I focused on each one intrigued by what i was seeing and how each one moved in relation to the eye. I began understanding that i must be looking through the visiom part of my mind to see so clearly. As it became clearer i could see the blue swirling tunnels in each eye, i focused into this to see the detail of the swirling pattern – it looked to be like a blue portal. This still could be managed by “closing” each eye and by moving the eye. At this point two blue balls were apparant in my mind. It was clear that i could see what little light was going into my eye. Through focusing more i could begin to see the light flickering through the top of my brain it was clear on both sides and was reacting to my music and focus. Upon opening my eyes i could see white/yellow scribbles and black background close to what i was experiancing before but with a more 2D vision instead of the 3D image before.

    All of this was extremely overwhelming as i hadnt know that the mind was capable of such things until reading up about it afterwards. I had never felt so shocked or freaked out by what i had saw. But boy was it an interesting path through focus and curiosity.

    I hope you can reply as id really be interested on what your view on my experiance is.

    All the best

    Rick x

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Hey Rick, thanks for your comment!

      Several thoughts. One, regarding meditating, it isn’t necessary to suppress the thoughts, it’s more about witnessing them in a detached way and not being taken up by them…getting into a place where you are watching them pass like clouds…there’s a super-helpful app called “headspace,” first ten sessions free. It guides you along the sort of “witnessing” of thoughts I am talking about. Worth checking out!

      The sort of meditation you are describing—listening to music with your eyes shut—is reminiscent of third eye meditation. Which is to close your eyes and focus on the space between your eyebrows. Once you are centered there, you can sort of pull your focus back into the center of the skull. I would be interested to know if, when you focus on that point, the two dots you are seeing become one.

      Your experience of the spheres as dimensional portals or mini wormholes is totally in line with my experience and, if you notice, most of the other readers commenting in this forum.

      I have never heard of someone seeing two dots…but everything else about your experience matches the third eye experience. It’s just usually a single point of color between the eyes.

      Something worth knowing, you aren’t actually seeing light from the outside there, that light is made by your brain. Scientists believe that the same way fireflies and deep-sea creatures can glow, cells within our eyes emit biophotons, or biologically produced light particles. In other words, the lights we see when we shut our eyes (called phosphenes) are coming from our brain. Which does not seem at all incompatible with metaphysical interpretations of third eye activity. Here’s a scientific article about phosphenes and here are two other posts I wrote on the subject of the third eye:

      “The Mind’s Eye”

      “Inward Bound: Exploring The Fractal Matrix”

      I think it’s great that you stumbled upon your private inner portal and I would keep playing with it. It’s basically you becoming acquainted with your extrasensory perception in a very undeniable way….You may notice you are starting to see auras around people in low light after practicing this sort of meditation. I would recommend trying to focus on the space between your brows and see what happens.

      The benefits to this is that you are becoming attuned to subtle energies which usually escape the average human perception. Feel free to check back here and share your findings.

      Happy travels in inner space! Good luck!


  • liz chapman says:

    Last night I awoke to the strangest of the working phoniminal things that have happened so far in my life. I have had as many as 19 or so astral projections as well as cognitive foreseeing when an event will occur. The most simple being who is going to call me before they do. To helping a soul who died in a motercycle accident find his way to the other side.
    I awoke three times in the night all three times I had a loss of balance and all solid objects in room were being seen in double but the strangest was the lights all different colors streaking like lazer beams from my body and then reflecting off an object and shooting in a different direction. I was not dreaming and no I was not on any medication legal or illegal. Has this happened to anyone else? I am uncertian of its meaning. So ifanyone could ”shed some light’ on this I would be very ggrateful. Thank you liz chapman

  • liz chapman says:

    I have had many experiences that to most of the world I would be deemed insane. I and this blog or newsletter or would that now be called emaillettero r good old fahioned tech talked, snail mail..this is what happened I awoke three separate times being unable to walk I was also seeing every solid item doubled and lights like a disco ball eminating from my body and objects in the room.
    I am acustomed to other forms of interdemenshional experiences. Auch asastral projection, telportashion, interacting ti bring a lost soul thru to their destonation, teleport ing , knoqing within minutes beforwhand that I will be receving a phone call and knowing who it will be. Fighting demons assisted by others such as I. Seeing balls of fuzy round lights many of them change color while seeing them or the next time. I need so badly to have communication with others as like me and more experienced and wise where I am not.

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Dear Liz,

      Thank you so much for sharing your experience! I hope some other readers will weigh in, because I have not had an experience like this myself. But having studied this sort of phenomena and having experienced some aspects of it, I would say that you were in a place between waking and dreams, meaning, you could see beyond the normal dimensional compartmentalization imposed by the conscious mind. Being in this more open state, you saw your own energy field and possibly other energetic (angelic?) beings interacting with you…It certainly seems like you were witnessing energetic phenomena. I hope we can have some more responses to help your sense of community in this regard. You are certainly not alone in experiencing this kind of phenomena.

      On on!


  • Brett says:

    Hi Thai, i recently saw a tv show that discussed the 3rd eye and decided to do a bit of research as it struck a chord with me. My search for ‘head tunnel, brought me here. Having read the testimonies above, or below, I feel this is the place to share my experience. I have been exploring the tunnel in my head for 35 years. I first discovered it while engaging in telepathy experiments with a friend. While I was concentrating on the darkness, I noticed a small ‘fizzing’ area that was difficult to focus on, but the longer I looked the closer it came, like a tiny dartboard that after about 20 minutes would become a check patterned tunnel that I appeared to be travelling down, it gently undulates and turns so you can never see too far ahead. When I was in this tunnel I was able to draw what my friend had drawn, most of the time anyway. I have also.used this tunnel as a way to try and get some peace from the appalling itching I have suffered from bad eczema and also believe I have received insights into a number of predicaments I have found myself in. In one particular time of stress when my mom was dying, I was given a rather weird guitar playing style that is still mind boggling six years down the line, I’ve never heard anything like it. One night, a few years ago, as I was lying in bed doing my usual ‘find the tunnel, go to sleep’ routine, I was shocked as I rounded a bend and saw the end. After 35 years I’d never imagined there was an end. I was even more shocked to see the classic white light complete with blurry silhouettes emanating love. I sat bolt upright in bed with the realisation that this is how we exit when our time here is up. Reading other people’s experiences has inspired me to see what else is in there and maybe even get some guidance, I though it was just me!
    Thanks for your time
    All the best

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Wow! Brett, I’m so glad you found us & shared this story. It so accurately describes this elusive phenomenon:

      “The longer I looked the closer it came, like a tiny dartboard that after about 20 minutes would become a check patterned tunnel that I appeared to be travelling down, it gently undulates and turns so you can never see too far ahead.”

      Exactly my experience. (And I’m sure many people’s on this forum.)

      That’s amazing that you caught the insight through direct personal experience that this is also our exit when our time on this planet is done—this is actually something I was told in a class on Pranic Healing years ago. The teacher was a meditator, and a student of Master Cho, the person who named this ancient method of pulling stuck energy out of a person “Pranic Healing” (worth a google!). Anyways. The leader of this energy work class was an initiate into Master Cho’s teachings, and said, at the end of the class, that we were welcome to ask questions. Someone asked what the blue light that swirled inside your head during meditation was, and he said it was referred to in his schooling as “the blue pearl.” (Which is also the term Yogi Yogananda used for it.) He said it was a portal to other worlds in terms of psychic experience AND he revealed that it was the way we exit when we die. (!)

      Total affirmation to your experience. And how cool to have learned it through first hand exploration!

      Thanks for stopping by & sharing your very interesting account. Please keep us apprised of any new insights! 🙂

      On on,


      • Brett says:

        Thanks Tai, very assuring. I think I’ve always known it was of more significance than I was giving it. Maybe I should pay it more attention, it is far too neglected. All the best

  • Air-in Souders says:

    Wow! thank you so much. I never knew if anyone else has had this experience because I have asked other people about it and no one knew what I was talking about. Now I know the term for the light I see. Can’t wait to explore more about this. Would be great to connect. Blessings and Aloha!!

    • Tai Woodville says:

      I’m glad you found this article & accompanying forum of the comments section helpful! It’s interesting; not everyone sees it for sure. But there is a significant portion of people, as you can tell, that do. And if you look at psychedelic art, it seems like psychedelics can induce it in people who don’t normally see it, as well.

      Happy to help you identify this intriguing phenomenon, Air-in Sounders!

      On on,


  • I just started meditating this week and when I do, I find myself feeling as if I am traveling backwards at a high rate of speed, seeing myself being pushed down a bright, fleshy colored tunnel with veins. Almost as if I was inside of myself looking outwards with the light shining through. As soon as I acknowledge myself being in this tunnel, I see a burst of warm, white light and am instantly out of the tunnel and in what seems like an infinite space of pulsating, warm rainbow light. And that is where I stay during my meditation. I am overcome with intense happiness, and a sense of peace, and come out of this atate feeling relaxed and refreshed. Is this how meditation is supposed to feel? I am so, so new to this and don’t know anyone else who meditates that I could ask.

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Congratulations! That is a fantastic meditation experience. And the fact that you, as a beginner, have experienced this deep level of meditation really bodes well for your practice & your journey in general from a spiritual perspective. Everything you described here is familiar-sounding to me as someone who has meditated on & off for over a decade. At the same time, they describe my best meditation experiences. My high points! So, yes, I would say this is exactly how meditation is supposed to feel! 🙂 (Although the official line is that there is no “one way” meditation is supposed to feel…it is a very personal, individual & varied experience.)

      But yes. Sounds like you’re doing everything very right & in my humble opinion, you have probably done this before & achieved a certain level of connection with higher consciousness in other lives, which you are now accessing. Because this is an advanced experience of meditation, to be sure. 🙂

      As you can tell from reading other comments, this impression of moving at various speeds into a sort of luminous tunnel is—well, common is the wrong word, but—something many here have experienced. It seems to me, judging from study & experience, that this is a third eye experience, and the tunnel appears to be some kind of portal or access point to a deeper level of consciousness.

      In my experience & judging from your description, it sounds like your third eye portal is popping you out into a realm/frequency/dimension of infinite love & light, source energy/heaven energy. That is fantastic! Keep it up! And please, consider sharing your further experiences here; I’d love to hear where you go if this is where you start!

      This is an inspiring account of the meditation experience—thank you for sharing it!

      Here are some posts I’ve written examining the third eye experience:

      “The Art of Seeing: Third Eye Perception & The Mystical Gaze”
      (the post attached to this comments section)

      “The Mind’s Eye”

      “Inward Bound: Exploring The Fractal Matrix”

      I think you will find the material relevant.
      Consider subscribing (upper right hand corner of main page) to be alerted of future related posts! The study of consciousness is our middle name here at Parallax. 🙂

      On on!


      • Thank you so much for replying. This makes me so happy that I am on the right track! Meditation is something I’ve always wanted to do since I was a preteen. Like there’s always been a voice in my head urging me to. I’m so glad I finally started! I will read through all those links and comments and definitely keep you posted ♥
        Thank you again!

  • […] so after research somethinsg about I see this materials relating it with pineal gland activation;, so I remember to also refer to this interesting article relating the astral experiences with teh […]

  • kashish says:

    I can’t believe that I came across this article today morning and I’m so glad that I did because the experience I had last night is so confusing to me and I cannot fathom it and yet it is so intriguing to think about what had actually happened. So if you could please help me figure it all out.
    So last night I had a very different experience which is so difficult for me to put in words. I saw this vortex of purple/blue light and third eye all around me and then I started seeing patterns and there was an immense energy which I could feel flowing through my body coming outside through my finger tips transmitting throughout the room. And then I came to a door and as I opened the door there was kali standing there who cut my head and as that happened I got so scared that it jolted me completely as I sat straight. I’m not able to quite understand this experience. I was so scared and yet it was so beautiful that I could feel a deep sense of relaxation spreading all through me as I gave in to it but the moment I tried to fight it I could feel a deep sense of fear. There were patterns all around me and so much energy in the room.

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Hi Kashish! 🙂

      Thank you for sharing your fascinating vision with the forum! What a powerful, meaningful experience! To me this is a breakthrough level experience.

      I do have some thoughts. For one, I’m sure you’ve done some research on Kali by now yourself, but from what I know of Kali, although her appearance is intense and sometimes terrifying, she is considered the most loving of the Hindu goddesses, the mother of the universe, as well as a destroyer of evil. Her gruesome/warrior-like appearance signifies her great abilities of protection.

      The fact that she chopped off your head in the vision makes me think of the symbolism of killing the ego. Like she is saying “get out of your head!” which would imply “get into your spirit/intuition/heart.”

      I would also consider Kali having introduced herself to you quite personally as your ally spirit & protector!

      Also very interesting: I’ve read that the blue color many Hindu deities are depicted in represents the blue color associated with the third-eye chakra! It is supposed to symbolize that they have opened their third eye so completely they have become that color, it has engulfed their entire being. So that goes beautifully with your experience as well. That Kali would have appear after you experienced that wash of indigo/blue.

      Also, the doorway of course is deeply symbolic of opening to a new level of consciousness. Of letting this new energy in.

      While Kali is intense, and the mind associates the head being chopped off with fear (understandably), it’s interesting and notable that you experienced a deep sense of calm after it happened.

      I would continue to deepen your meditation practice (I personally love & recommend the supportive guidance of the Headspace App, give it a try for free! Just type it in on your smartphone’s app store search engine.) Since meditation is all about quieting the mind until it steps back and allows the spirit’s wisdom & stillness to be increasingly in the forefront of consciousness, it would seem to go along with Kali’s message to you.

      Congratulations on such a deeply meaningful spiritual download. Please don’t hesitate to pose more questions & ruminations here. I’m interested to hear any new experiences, too! Best of luck in your journey.

      On on,


      P.S. This Parallax post may be relevant to the concept of differentiating the mind from the “silent witness” of the spirit, or deeper self:

  • kashish says:

    Also I’d like to thank you for posting an article like this which provides a platform for all people to share such inward individual experiences which we wouldn’t otherwise talk about. It does come as a relief to find others or read accounts of other people who are or have been through similar experiences like yours.

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Thanks so much, Kashish, for the kind words.

      I put a lot of time & care into these articles & it feeds my spirit to get reader feedback like yours.

      It has been a thrill to receive such a rich & fascinating array of accounts from readers. “The Art of Seeing” is my number one article in terms of weekly readership, and what’s super fun & interesting is that WordPress allows me to track some of the search terms that lead people here…phrases such as: “seeing a spinning vortex of energy when I close my eyes…” We barely have a language for this in modern culture but it’s been mentioned in so much ancient literature, we know it is an essential part of our multi-layered being-hood.

      I am honored that Parallax can be a home for such reports. And thrilled to hear you found the article & the forum helpful.

      I have a number of other articles on the third eye here, “The Mind’s Eye,” & “Inward Bound: Exploring The Fractal Matrix,” (links below) to name a few. So keep exploring Parallax for more on this fascinating, mysterious subject (I have a feeling we are just touching the tip of the iceberg, but we have to start somewhere!) and consider subscribing to be notified of future posts. 🙂 (Upper right hand corner of main page.)

      On on!


  • Patricia says:

    I was getting to a point where I could do this very easily and I would travel through a whirlpool or tunnel and come out on other planets and other places on the earth. Now for the past month I can’t do it at all and I literally feel like something is blocking me from doing it. Why is this happening?

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Hi Patricia,

      I’m so sorry for the delayed reply–I somehow missed this comment when it first came in and am only just now seeing it.

      Did you ever get past your block, back to your interdimensional travels? That is very exciting and impressive that you were able to astrally project to such an extent. Few people get that far, but I’ve heard tell of the experience! Check out “The Emerald Tablet” manuscripts for some exciting astral travel literature.

      As far as what was blocking you, it’s hard to say, but the first thing that comes to mind is expectation, which generates attachment, which seems to act as a kind of closed fist over experience, narrowing possibility. It’s a known thing in meditation circles; people sometimes receive grand visions upon first meditating, and the teachers always say, “Don’t get attached to them.” Meditation teachers will say, “Visions come and visions go, it’s just about showing up for those moments of stillness, your inner world will look different to you and reveal different things at different times.”

      The main reason meditation teachers try to play down inner visions which would have anyone else excited is because becoming attached to meditation yielding a certain result can create psychological blocks…suddenly the visions stop coming and then the student is disappointed and frustrated, missing the opportunity of meditation, which may be presenting a new lesson, such as the experience of stillness…facing the void…etc.

      I would be very interested to hear how your journey has gone since you wrote us about this issue.

      My advice is to make a practice of non-judgement & non-attachment as best you can in regards to where your inner travels take you…try to see whatever comes as simply one facet of experiencing inner space. The less attached you are to a certain outcome, the more likely your visions will flow freely again. Most likely they arrived to begin with when you had no expectation!

      Thanks for sharing your experience here. And congratulations on how far your travels have taken you thus far. It’s truly an exciting level, which many do not experience!

      On on!


  • alex says:

    Hello all,

    I’ve been having some very unusual experiences which has brought me to this page where some seem to be similar to mine. Anyways, I’ve been having these waves of energy start to appear around me at night. Very deep purple waves that can either condense into orbs into the center of my sight or fill the room and being completely around me. There are no triggers to this, I will just be laying in bed and be watching a video or just relaxing and the energy just starts to appear. Usually late at night. Recently I have been seeing this energy during the day even and this isn’t happening when my eyes are closed or I am just starring off into space. I can move my head around quickly and they energy is fluid and not just in a trance connected to a still frame of vision. Last night I could feel this intense energy flowing through me and out of my hands. I ran my right hand over my left and I could feel a cold pulsing sensation over the areas I held my right hand as if i was directing some energy out of my hand. If anyone has some insight into this kind of experience it would be greatly appreciated!

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Hi Alex,

      I apologize for this belated reply! It somehow fell through the cracks and I didn’t see it when it came in. But I’d like to speak to your experience, and thank you for sharing it!

      So, to me this seems like you are becoming sensitive to perceiving energy both visually and physically. The color purple is associated with the third eye, so to me, the fact that you are mostly seeing that color goes with this being a third eye experience exactly. It’s easier to see subtle energy colors in the darkness, too, so I believe that–and your relaxation–account for your nocturnal visions.

      The sensation of being able to generate energy with your hands corresponds exactly with principals of reiki — the ancient art of moving universal energy through your hands for purposes of healing and rejuvination– so I would look into the subject of reiki and consider honing your abilities in a class. You can also send your own heart energy, which is a nice full-circle way to experience a surplus of energy running through your body.

      What does it all mean? That your finer, subtler senses are waking up to the wonderful world of energy! The world which looks solid to us, of course, isn’t…rather, everything is energy. You could think of it like there is a secret energy world running at all times underneath the “solid” material world, although the reality is that it’s all energy and our eyes only perceive it as solid, our perceptions having solidified around the concept of material reality.

      It sounds to me like your journey has begun. Look to your own heart, spirit, inspiration and what gives you joy and excitement to guide you. Your inner wisdom knows more than you think! Congratulations on this exciting next level of experience!

      Please let us know how your journey has been since writing this. And again, my sincere apologies for the delayed response on this FASCINATING report!

      On on!


    • lesliekasper says:

      Hi. Love this for you! My experience with energy is a little different, visually but feels about the same as you describe.
      Mostly outside for me, during the day with the sky as a useful contrast, as if the air around me, close enough to breathe is literally alive with trillions of white/blue minuscule “paisleys” moving independently in an excited circular motion but not touching. They are of the brightest brilliance, almost indescribable of earthly comparison.
      Energy surges almost always occur with meditation and effect my fingers and hands which vibrate at an extraordinary rate. I can stop it and it is not worrisome n

      • Tai Woodville says:

        Leslie! I see the same thing! And am always trying to get other people to see it! (Sometimes they do, but more often than not they don’t.)

        They are so hard to describe but you do an excellent job…I see them most distinctly when I’m looking at the clear blue sky as well…(incidentally, *anyone interested in learning how to see auras* should start by gazing with soft focus at the outline of trees against the sky.)

        I see millions of little zizzing bright lightseeds moving around in the open space of the air/sky…almost the way very small insects pooling on water might move around together on the water’s surface, except….iridescent and semi-transparent. Sparkles may be the closest word.

        I’ve consulted an energy worker friend who sees them as well and she agrees that what we are seeing is pure energy!

        I feel so excited every time I speak with someone else who has seen this … my father saw them, too. Thank you for sharing your experience!

        On on,


      • lesliekasper says:

        This has made my day! Our energy circle
        Is growing❤️

      • Tai Woodville says:

        Yay!!! Your comment really *brightened* my day as well! (Pun intended, hehe.)

        I love how this post about inner visions, perceiving energy and the spiritual eye is not only my most read post, but the one with the most comments, and still, years later, receives new comments and shares all the time.

        WordPress tells me what key words have lead people to this website, and I find it fascinating how often phrases like “seeing colors and shapes in the dark” and the like appear. People are waking up to their extrasensory perceptions of this incredible, multi-faceted reality! And I truly believe, since it is all direct experience, sharing notes together is the best way to understand our experiences better and further our knowledge.

        I consider this forum truly invaluable, as we share cutting edge experiences, corroborations for which are not easily found!

        I am grateful to everyone who has shared and created a mini community here surrounding this exciting series of connected topics!

        On on,


  • comply says:

    My first attempt in illustrating my phosphene’s.

  • says:

    I have to say Tai, your dedication to the search for answers to the many questions thrown up by this phenomenon is worthy of note, as are your considered and encouraging responses, I’m sure it is very much appreciated by everyone who has felt their experiences validated here.

    All the best

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Thank you so much for telling me, Brett. I appreciate reader feedback! It feeds my inner fire & dedication to this blog to know it is reaching interested parties. 🙂

      Particularly this subject seems to have very little out there in the way of people’s personal experience, so it has been really fun to hear from readers.

      Consider subscribing (upper right corner of main page) to be notified of future posts on related subjects! 🙂

      On on,


      • Brett Wilde says:

        You’re very welcome Tai, there’s no pleasure in a thankless task and it’s obvious you put many hours into this. It’s only right that your dedication be appreciated, I’m sure you don’t always feel like it and those poems aren’t going to write themselves!

      • Tai Woodville says:


  • Brett Wilde says:

    Hai Tai, I just watched a fascinating video about mandalas, consciousness and the nature of reality, explained by a physicist no less! It’s very long but totally absorbing. I would recommend everyone give it at least 15 minutes to get sucked in!
    All the best

  • Lou says:

    I am seeing mandala like patterns was searching for info and came across your article 🙂

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Thanks for your comment, Lou. That’s exciting. Congratulations! You have definitely accessed your third eye! 😀

      If you type “third eye” into the search engine at the right hand top of the main page of this blog, you will get a slew of related articles which might also be of interest to your journey.

      On on! 🙂


  • L Kasper says:

    I thought that this was something that everyone experienced while meditating. Mine are kaleidoscopic, with lots of color and movement, many times with an equal amount of light and dark, which sets the mirror images apart from each other. Sometimes I will see representations of things/objects that I can identify with my human perception of language, but for the most part it is the most beautiful light show regulated by my breathing and is experienced in a sensory non verbal way acknowledged by (a separate part of me), something outside of myself watching it all occur.

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Thank you so much for sharing your third eye/inner vision experience with us here! 🙂 People do have these experiences while meditating, but it’s by no means experienced by everyone. You must be doing it right! Are you doing a classic breath-based meditation–witnessing thoughts. Or something else? Would be interested to know what kind of meditation you are doing which achieves this sought after result. Very cool! On on!

  • J.walters says:

    People have it all wrong. The third eye is actually located above the head and opens and closes like a camera shutter and reads energy not images.

  • lesliekasper says:

    Wonderful article, thank you! I have experienced the phosphenes for quite some time and have searched for the proper descriptive. “Undulating”’ is a perfect word to describe these magical, electrical light shows.

    • Tai Woodville says:

      I’m so glad you enjoyed the article! 🙂 I love hearing about readers’ meditation experiences. Thanks for sharing! Warmly, Tai

  • Janine says:

    Seeing The Inner Light for many years now. But the inner light has a vortex, a tunnel, where does it go?

    • Brett says:

      Hi Janine, I’ve been venturing down the tunnel for 35 years before rounding a corner one night and it suddenly opening up into a massive cavernous space with a bright light and blurry silhouettes emanating unconditional love. The shock sat me bolt upright and back in the room with the realisation that we are already connected to ‘the after life’. I had never considered that the tunnel might have an end.

      • Tai Woodville says:

        Brett, thank you so much for sharing this profound experience! A true puzzle piece to the mystery. I’ve had similar experiences! But I wasn’t sure how much credence to give it, yet hearing how similar they are to your experience helps me trust them more. It usually just stays as a tunnel for me, but once the tunnel “spat me out” into a black space, with some undulating colors on the purple-ish side, with three guides floating there…I think they may have been in lotus position? I wish I’d written it down. But they were absolutely emanating unconditional love and told me they were my guides from the other side / my “homeworld.” We had a dialogue and it felt like contact with a Source world & key players of my spirit team. It was very emotional, like being reunited with soul family. More recently, the tunnel took me to (more similar to your description) a large cavernous area which resembled being on the inside of a giant Torus shape…it was dark with some purplish colors overlaid, constantly moving and flowing like a fountain…this, I felt may have been inside my own being, as though I had shrunken to a micro size and was within my own heart space or something…I love hearing about other people’s experiences! Thanks so much for the great question, Janine. And for the wealth of your share, Brett. On on! Tai

      • Brett wilde says:

        Thanks Tai, we all need affirmation, it’s what brought us here.

  • Im so glad I’m not alone,
    I been seeing the nights sky with shorting stars and a starry night. The eye shape upend up, seems like I’m standing in the bottom of a mountain and te top opens up and i can see the beautiful night. What’s weird is sometimes when im deep concentrating and i can open my eyes and still see it. Maybe all this came to be when I let go of my inner ego. Everything changed after. I also feel I get information.
    Thank you for reading this. I thought something was wrong with my eyes

    • Tai Woodville says:

      Wonderful to receive your comment, Susana. I so appreciate everyone’s shares and descriptions of inner space and third eye experiences. It really does feel and look like space to me as well–the night sky of stars. Yes! It is the forgotten inner kingdom! Terence McKenna called it “the jeweled inner realm.” Meditation and turning inward brings us back to our beautiful inner space. The description you gave about still seeing the outlines even when you open your eyes–I’ve heard that described in other esoteric inner vision threads, and have experienced it a few times myself. So intriguing!! 😀 I, too, get downloads. I have visions of places, colors. Such a font of meaning and spiritual illumination, this inner vortex. 🙂 On on! Tai

  • Dana says:

    I saw almost a purple portal that I was standing right outside of and could see with my eyes. It had like yellow energy almost like sunbursts flowing into it. It felt like an out of body experience….I loved it! Can’t wait to continue learning what I am capable of now.

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