The Mystery of the Masons

May 2, 2011 § 22 Comments

By Tai Carmen

So far as I am acquainted with the principles and doctrines of Freemasonry , I conceive it to be founded in benevolence and to be exercised for the good of mankind . ~ George Washington

What do Benjamin Franklin, George Washington, Mark TwainVolatire, Oscar Wilde, Buzz Aldrin, Nat King Cole, Aleister Crowley, Winston ChurchillDuke EllingtonJohn Wayne, Mozart, and Isaac Newton all have in common?

They are all great men, most of them polymaths, adept in multiple disciplines. All famous, admired (with the exception of the controversial Crowley). And they are all Freemasons.

So what is the origin of this “secret society,” so wildly speculated over, which has secured the favor of such diverse and fascinating men?

Though the official origins of Freemasonry are a blurry and much debated matter (the first documented reference dates back to a 1390 poem, and the first Grand Lodge was founded in England, in 1717, ) the spiritual roots of the fraternity are often linked with the ancient Egyptian mystery schools, a pagan tradition of esoteric knowledge handed down from generation to generation, which included astronomy, astrology, geometry, and spiritual teachings.

32nd degree Freemason, Thomas D. Worrel, affirms that the fraternity’s “roots are dug deep in the Mystery Schools of Antiquity,” detailing:

“Freemasonry continues an initiatic tradition whose beginnings are lost in antiquity. This statement cannot be proven historically.Yet the more you study Masonic rites and its symbols, the more you become convinced that you are dealing with something ancient, maybe even primordial. It becomes clear that this tradition is much older than Masonry’s institutional beginnings in 1717, older than the cathedral builders and medieval guilds, older even than King Solomon’s Temple or the Egyptian Pyramids.

It is not easy to define what Freemasonry is. Any definition would be inadequate, because Masonry has a deeply individual meaning to each member of the fraternity. No doctrine is expounded inside the lodge; there are no sermons, no interpretations. Even though teachings are incorporated within the rites, the meanings and interpretations are for the most part left to the candidate, whose task it is to integrate them into his own past and future life.

An initiate’s personal involvement with Masonry may change during his lifetime as well. For some it may be just a social club, a charitable institution, or a way of promoting education and the arts and sciences. For others it may also be a way of probing for the deepest truths.”

The Lodge initiation for the third degree (the first inner circle by invitation only, the beginner levels are open to all,) consists of a ritualized allegorical reenactment of the murder of Hiram Abiff, the priest-architect of King Solomon’s Temple. The Hebrew bible corroborates this basic story, relating a formal request from King Solomon of Jerusalem to King Hiram I of Tyre, for workers and materials to build a new temple. King Hiram responds:

And now I have sent a skillful man, endowed with understanding, Huram my master craftsman […] skilled to work in gold and silver, bronze and iron, stone and wood, purple and blue, fine linen and crimson, and to make any engraving and to accomplish any plan which may be given to him, with your skillful men and with the skillful men of my lord David your father (2 Chronicles 2:13-14 )

The story goes that Hiram Abiff, a keeper of ancient mysteries, was constructing a temple for King Solomon to house the Ark of the Covenant in Jerusalem, now reconstructed as the Temple Mount or Mount Zion (check out PARALLAX’S investigation of some very strange UFO activity surrounding this sacred shrine in “Spaceships Over Jerusalem“) when his own workman murdered him in a failed attempt to extract his priest-architect secrets.

It has been said that the ritual serves as a reinforcement of the idea of loyalty, because Hiram died because he would not share the secrets entrusted him.

The single eye, known as the “All-Seeing Eye” takes its meaning from the ancient Egyptian Eye of Horus an emblem of protection and inner sight. The legend goes that Horus, depicted most often as a falcon, lost his left eye in a fight defeating Set, god of the underworld. This left eye (The Eye of Horus) became the moon, (representing occult knowledge/hidden wisdom,) while his right eye, called “the Eye of Ra” became the sun.

The symbolism of the pyramid traditionally represents man’s climb towards higher knowledge, the evolution of spirituality upwards. However, at the same time there is an undeniable suggestion of caste system symbology, with the masses as the wide base at the bottom, and the select few, elite initiates, represented by the tippy-top, closest to heaven.

Though we are taught in school that America was founded on Christian tenants — and this is not necessarily in conflict with being a Mason — it is beyond conjecture that the founding fathers also incorporated a massive amount of Masonic imagery into the architecture, symbolism and signifiers of our country. It wasn’t hidden — newspaper accounts from the day ran descriptions of Masonic ceremonies in Washington as naturally as they reported any other governmental activity.

The most famous example of this type of symbolism, of course, is the all-seeing eye and pyramid displayed on our one dollar bill. Supposedly, the detached top symbolizes the heights we have yet to reach.

But the most widely identifiable symbol for Freemasonry is the “square and compass”  — architectural instruments used to calculate the movement of the heavens. The G is most often ascribed to God, or The Great Architect of the Universe, to use the secular, builder terminology of Freemasonry. But it has also been connected to Geometry.

The two triangles are also said to represent the star of David, or  “Seal of Solomon,” which signified the union of opposites, embodying the alchemical/hermetic axiom, “As above, so below” — a concept, denoting the microcosm within the macrocosm, first laid out in The Emerald Tablet of Hermes:

That which is Below corresponds to that which is Above, and that which is Above, corresponds to that which is Below, to accomplish the miracles of the One Thing.

Although Freemasons are often accused of Devil worship, to become a Mason, one must first profess faith in an undefined Higher Power/Supreme Being. In an attempt to foster brotherhood and tolerance within the fraternity, matters of religion are prohibited from being discussed within the Lodge.

One of the primary accusations of conspiracy theorists is that the Masons worship the devil, specifically a goat-headed humanoid figure called Baphomet. The Knights Templar were accused of worshipping the same creature, and ultimately persecuted for non-Christian activity. Though the confessions — extracted under torture — are considered dubious by scholars today.

Originally a symbol of Christian folklore representing pagan idolatry, Baphomet  first appeared in 11th century Latin as a corruption of “Muhammad” (‘Baphomet’ = Mahomet = Muhammad). Later the terms shows up in trial transcripts of the Inquisition of the Knights Templar in the early 14th century.

Crusade scholar Helen Nicholson writes that the charges were essentially “manipulative,”and typical of witch-hunt-style smear campaigns. Medieval Christians falsely believed that Muslims were idolatrous and worshipped Muhammad as a god, with mahomet becoming mammet in English, meaning an idol or false god.

In the 19th century, the name of Baphomet became further associated with the occult when Éliphas Lévi published Dogmas and Ritual of High Magic, in which he included the now-famous image of Baphomet, a depiction he had drawn himself. Levi explained the figure in symbolic terms, the goat-head representing “the sinner,” while the fire above his head represented man’s potential to obtain higher knowledge.

The Baphomet of Lévi was then further utilized in supposedly symbolic terms by occultist (and Freemason) Aleister Crowley in the early twentieth century. Crowley described the goat-headed figure as representing the Union of Opposites, and hence spiritual perfection.

Baphmoet’s connection with Freemasonry, however, remains dubious, as the first accusation — by Christian evangelist Jack Chick, who claimed that Baphomet is a demon worshipped by Masons — was based on a 1890’s hoax by Léo Taxil. Taxil employed a version of Lévi’s Baphomet on the cover of his sensationalized paperback “exposé” of Freemasonry — which, in 1897, he revealed as a hoax satirizing ultra-Catholic anti-Masonic propaganda.

Misunderstanding another creed or culture’s symbols is a common source of prejudice. While a human skull on a scholar’s desk might strike some as morbid, even death-worshipping or evil, to an old-world alchemist, or even a modern day occultist, it can represent a meditation on impermanence, and the inevitability of death; the goal of which is to better live one’s life.

That being said, to a Theistic Satanist, it could also represent the Dark Lord. Such is the mercurial and fascinating nature of symbols. Considering the men who have been involved in Freemasonry (Einstein, Franklin, Washington, Twain,) I am inclined to personally disbelieve the Baphomet accusation.

With all the conjecture and speculation about the Masons, it is rare to have any personally verifiable fact relating to the fraternity. And so, to close, the author will share a true family story about an experience her mother had with a bona-fide Freemason occult ritual.

My maternal grandfather was a Freemason. My mother does not think he was very “high up” and remembers him only involved to the extent of a newsletter correspondence course (though how many little girls know the full nature of their father’s nocturnal activities?)

As my mother remembers it, she was around nine years old, when her father asked her to come “help him with something.” She entered his bedroom, which was darkened by closed blinds, a single candle lit on the left-hand corner of his vanity mirror. Without further explanation, her father sat down in the corner of the room and asked her simply to gaze into the mirror.

Fifteen or twenty minutes later, my mom was bored out of her nine-year-old mind. Just as she was thinking about how much she’d rather be playing outside, her reflection in the glass suddenly transformed from a freckly nine year old visage into the head and shoulders of an unknown black woman in a turban. The image, she said, was as clear and real as her own reflection had been a few seconds before.

She screamed with surprise to see her own face replaced with a stranger’s. Her mother came running into the room, crying, “What are you doing with my child!” and with all the commotion, the image promptly disappeared.

My mother found out later it had been a Masonic exercise to see past lives — her father had been trying the exercise without success, and decided to see if it would have a better affect on a child without expectation.

*Addendum: I have been informed by a Mark Master Mason who read this post that this mirror exercise is not strictly Masonic. He himself has never heard of it, adding that there are some unsanctioned lodges, of which it may be a part of their catalogue. Also, he says, often the same type of people drawn to Masonry will dabble in other aspects of the occult. See comments.

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§ 22 Responses to The Mystery of the Masons

  • Darryl says:

    Very truthful article. You managed to sum it all up pretty accurately. As a man who leans against walls and watches every passing individual, I feel your need to post this. Thanks for the confirmation of my own beliefs. And if you want to know more of our existence, read the stories of people who have died and remember their time in the afterlife. Or if your lucky, speak to one. It all ties into our daily lives. Peace.

    • Abdelwahab elSadek Salem says:

      I believe that When God leads the history He guides people by some unseen orders that work successively one by one. That’s why every era is connected with certain ideals and missions. The Mason were to watch and collect every event connected with the mentioned orders. Their main task is to push the human kind to search for the hidden secrets of the past holiness might they find the closed secrets mentioned in the gospel by the disciples. However God knows that the ordinary man cannot disclose that scroll of secrets. But He did it to make Christ after the return pay attention that their is a secret behind religion and devote his will to know it and feel the trust in his new mission.

  • Chris says:

    Interesting article but not hugely accurate. For a start, the Hiram Abiff ritual is the THIRD degree ritual, not the THIRTY THIRD one. This whole hype surrounding the 33rd, and masonry in general, distracts people from knowing what real freemasonry is about (in context with the article), ie. a continuation of the western shamanic tradition.

    • taicarmen says:

      Thanks, Chris! That was actually a typo — but a super-silly one, so thanks for letting me know. It’s hard to know what *is* totally accurate about the Masons…due to thousands of years of misinformation, propaganda and conjecture, it’s hard to separate fact from fiction. This article was simply an attempt to untangle some of that hype. If you have any inside information about the Freemasons, please share it with us 🙂

      • Chris says:

        Well, I am a Mark Master Mason and am happy to answer any questions. There is actually no great mystery to Freemasonry any more. It’s an honourable society which gets no credit for the good that it does, but thats ok. Good work shouldn’t be done for praise and recognition.

      • taicarmen says:

        A Mark Master in our midst! Well, that’s quite exciting! 🙂 Since we have the opportunity, I would love to ask you a few questions. Let’s see… 1) What *is* the connection between the Knights Templar and the Freemasons? 2) Why is the Hiram Abiff scenario important? Is the Order of the Eastern Star a separate entity or connected with the Masons (and why the upside down star, seems sinister, usually upside anything represents an inversion of original teachings, no?…) 3) What books would you say represent the most accurate information on Freemasonry? 4) Would you say the idea of “secrets” is overblown in regards to the Masons, that it’s more a philosophy or set of values and interests held together by largely symbolic traditions, or is it that plus — when you get high enough up –some real juicy arcane/occult knowledge….? Thanks for your comment!! 🙂

    • Actually, there are several inaccuracies, such as referring to the non-canonized scriptures as being all “Gnostic” where many were Coptic and a very large group of them pure fantasy (c’mon, palm tress & statutes bowing along the streets of Cairo as the baby Jesus entered. . . give me a break!) Much of the Gnostic tradition can be found in the philosophies set into orders like Free Masonry, the Rosicrucian, etc. even Buddhism encourages the idea of integration and the fact that divinity exist within us all; our “mission” is to move forward towards a higher sense of consciousness, conscience and self.

      Interesting article but it really needs a lot more research before it can be viewed by even the scantly educated on these fellowships and religion, as holding any real validity. You need to reveal folkloric perspectives, such as the All Seeing Eye image, for what they are and where coincidence of the image happens in U.S. Currency & Seals. . . in most instances the Eye wasn’t included until generations after the founding parents were buried. An exceptionally large amount of it coming into place during the early and mid 20th century.

      • taicarmen says:

        I do discuss the folkloric perspective of the All-Seeing Eye already in the post. 🙂 As far as the non-canonized scriptures not all being Gnostic, perhaps this was too sweeping a statement on my part (I’m not a religious scholar, just an interested seeker,) but how would you better define the non-canonized texts in a single sentence?

        The Gnostic Gospels were written in Coptic, so I’m not sure what you mean when you use the word Coptic in this context as separate from Gnostic. Which scriptures are you referring to when you talk about the bowing statues and palm trees?

        Thanks for being part of the dialogue. TC

  • Chris says:

    1) The connection between the KT and the FM’s has been debated within and outside Freemasonry for centuries and continues to do so. An interesting book on the subject is Born In Blood by John J. Robinson and gives quite a convincing argument for the KT having been reinvented as Freemasonry in the 1300’s. Personally I do not know since I am not a member of Chapter, the progression of degrees which includes the KT, but I suppose there’s only only one way to find out. Maybe I’ll report my findings here in 20 years time 😉

    2) The Hiram Abiff story is an important part of the allegorical teachings of the first three degrees of Freemasonry, all of which are centred around the subject of the original Temple of Solomon. The third degree, the final one before becomming a Master Mason, is based on the death of Hiram Abiff, the senior architect, a (fictitious) character who exemplifies much of what a Mason tries to attain over his lifetime. I won’t go into detail, not because it is a great secret (you can find out all the details online without too much hassle) but because it is something best experienced first-hand. I couldn’t do the story justice here and now.

    The Order of the Eastern Star is not something which I am familar with here in England but from what I have read it is a good organisation. And I wouldn’t get distracted or hung up by symbolism – there is so much of it in masonry and much of it meand different things to different people. One things for sure – no one is worshipping Satan or Lucifer. This may be the interpretation of religious fundamentalists but I have no time for their baseless, crazy views.

    3) books – Robert Lomax has written a series of books (I have read The Hiram Key and Turning The Hiram Key) which are very informative for both masons and non-masons alike. Freemasons For Dummies by Christopher Hodapp is also worth a read.

    4) secrets – definately overblown. The only secrets are to do with modes of recognition (handshakes, passwords, etc) and they are only secrets because historically masons have never been keen to let any old person wander into a lodge to join (and potentially disturb) a meeting (which is fair enough). Masonic study and knowledge is hard-earned, so its right that it is protected in this way. Real Freemasonry is really a form of Westernised buddhism and is every bit as interesting. Academics study it and practitioners spend their whole lives learning it, and are better people for doing so. While Freemasonry could certainly do with opening up a bit, it should also be protected, since it is a deeply personal journey which enriches the lives of millions of men (and women).

    With regards to getting to the higher degrees, the whole concept of an evil inner core of 33rd degree masons bent on taking over the world makes no sense. Only good men are admitted into Freemasonry (ie. no criminal record and men of high character, recommended and seconded by members who have known them for at least 20 years who are putting their own judgement and credibility on the line by doing so) and throughout their masonic careers they are encouraged to be better people. Then, according to the conspiracy theorists, these fine men, after many years of hard work and charitable giving, are somehow convinced to suddenly start worshipping Satan and to do all kinds of evil things which even the average person would find abhorrent. I don’t think so. I know several 33rd degree masons and all are decent, tolerant, charitable and upstanding people. I wouldn’t be part of Freemasonry if the end goal was anything other than that.

    Incidentally, ‘occult’ simply means ‘hidden’, so in my opinion to describe Freemasonry as occult is not necessarily wrong. Occult is not voodoo or black magic. It is to do with hidden knowledge or wisdom, such as gnosticism or western shamanism. It joins together spiritualism with moral virtues, science, nature and the arts. Its about beauty in understanding rather than unquestioning dogma, as is found in divisive mainstream religion. It is as much the future as it is the past. Thats why it’s still with us.

  • Chris says:

    Going back to your article, taicarmen, it’s all very informative until towards the end, where you drift off into the baphomet conspiracy thing, and then onto the even stranger Masonic ‘exercise’. It is probably not unusual for people who join Freemasonry to have curious minds which also leads them into other areas of esoteric tradition (Aleister Crowley being a great example) but such activities are more to do with their own personal experimentalism, not Freemasonry. Crowley, from what I have read, basically manufactured his own belief system using Freemasonry as a template – something which was not accepted, approved of or recognised by any Grand Lodge. People should not decide that Freemasonry is guilty by association in one-off cases such as this.

    • taicarmen says:

      Dear Chris, Thank you so much for answering all my questions so thoroughly!!!! So that mirror exercise, which happened to my mother, is not a Freemason exercise? Fascinating! See, that’s how it happens. Even though this was a personal, true story told to me by a family member I trust, there was some misunderstanding at some point and the exercise was attached to Freemasonry. I believe her father himself told her that…but who knows the small nuances of misunderstanding which can be perpetuated and exaggerated over the years. I will add your thoughts to my article as soon as I get a minute, to straighten out any misinformation I might have mistakenly perpetuated. As far as the Baphomet conspiracy, if you notice, I say I didn’t buy into it…only felt it was worth including because so much has been made over it online (as I’m sure you’ve noticed…!) I thought it was worth mentioning and exploring. But do you think it appears I give it too much credence? It was not my intention to validate it in any way. But I do think it’s worth including in an over-view, because so many people are truly convinced of this. You might say, there are also many people who are truly convinced of [insert horrible racist/prejudiced thing]…does it mean they are worth mentioning too? Perhaps, in the interest of journalistic exploration, but I understand the line between neutrally analyzing something and giving it more power by giving it attention can be a fine one. I think you’ve hit the nail on the head with Aleister Crowley. I think he really muddied the water for you guys and its a shame. Perhaps a future post. Enjoying our dialogue, any further thoughts encouraged. 🙂 TC

      • Chris says:

        Tai, all I can say is that the mirror exercise is a new one on me and doesn’t sound Masonic. Saying that, I have heard of ‘clandestine’ lodges (ones that are not official or approved) which have created their own ritual, but I wouldn’t like to speculate one way or another about what your grandfather may have been doing. Maybe there are other Masons who could give you a second opinion on this.

        The subject of Baphomet may well be a reasonable one for you to bring up, seeing as it’s part of Masonic history whether we like it or not, but my personal feeling is that it detracts from the true account of Freemasonry, much like the Illuminati conspiracy does. I did read how you do not believe in it, and I really think you wrote a good, positive piece on Masonry which many would benefit from reading – on behalf of all FM’s out there, thanks for that!

        Aleister Crowley – a fascinating character, but way out there as far as spiritual beliefs go in my opinion. But what a life he led!

      • taicarmen says:

        I hear you. Perhaps we’ll need another post on the subject. If you have any thoughts on what you think the world should know about the Masons, please don’t hesitate to share. Perhaps I can quote some of what you’ve said here. This was a very popular post, so a part two seems like it might be forming as a result of this conversation. Thank you for your enlightening dialogue. 🙂 I agree about Aleister Crowley…may have been “out there” spiritually/muddied the water a bit for Freemasons, but what a mark he made, and as you say so well, what a life he lived! Absolutely. Agreed. Best wishes, TC

  • Abdelwahab elSadek Salem says:

    The root of the name Free Masonry or Frank Masonry was chosen by the unseen master of the human kind. The human kind in the ordinary state does not seek the truth and doesn’t feel the need to be great. Most people want to satisfy the instincts and survive. The mentioned master created this society to describe the people who add to the human kind something good and new to uplift the ways of living. Those are the builders (Masons); the name free is for the free direction in building. That’s why they gather from every nations all great men in all directions and all cleverness. This subject became one to teach students in schools to plant in them the ambition to invent and be great in something. Thanks

  • David says:

    Has anybody ever thought about the type of organisation that would encourage its members to eat the symbolic flesh of their founder and to drink his symbolic blood to achieve purity? It is an unfortunate fact that Christianity and all organisations can be attacked by those who choose to misinterpret actual facts and concepts.
    The simple heart of Freemasonry is that it is NOT a religion and has never aspired to be a religion or to control the thoughts and actions of its members. In fact it accepts only members who believe in a God and encourages each individual to actively observe the dictates of their religion. The very first question at initiation is “in whom do you put your trust?” and the only acceptable answer is “In God”. How that concept can be perverted into devil worship is beyond me.
    I can only come to the conclusion that the holders of such irrational thought patterns should seriously seek psychological assistance without delay…I myself am an active Christian and a Freemason of 25 years standing and despite serious study have found nothing incompatible with my religious beliefs and Freemasonry. Arguments that go past the points I have made have nothing to do with Freemasonry and the manner in which it has been conducted through the ages. Those arguments which involve Freemasonry and devil worship are figments of unruly imaginations without any foundation of factual truth. .

    • taicarmen says:

      Thank you for being part of the dialogue, David. especially coming from a place of experience, as you are. I only included the devil worship question in my analysis because it has historically haunted the institution of Freemasonry — not intending any slander. But I do so appreciate your input. And of course agree with you that it’s incredibly easy to misinterpret another’s religious symbology. I am thinking of doing a follow-up to this article…it was one of our most popular posts. This first one was just me trying to separate fact from fiction, trying to untangle some of the mystery. But I’ve had some very helpful comments from readers like yourself who are quite informed on the subject and interested in demystifying some of the subject for our readers. If there is anything else you’d like included in the follow-up feature to help clear Freemasonry’s good name, please feel free to drop any comments/suggestions. Best, TC

  • Abdelwahab elSadek Salem says:

    The mirror: It is something to excite the inner sense. I trained on it but I failed to get direct results. Later I got result by chance. From a day to another I saw a human face on the facing wall. I interpret it simply as a spirit of some one who died recently.
    The Mason society was made according to a prophecy in the Revelation to John 5:2-3 “…Who is worthy to break the seals and open the scroll? But there was no one…who could..”
    The compasses represents the legs of man or the steps. The holy prophecies are made to come true secretly in steps one by one. This helps the one sent to understand what happened and what will happen and move in light with sure of himself.
    The satanic worship were made to export some people to reincarnate in the hell or poor life to be in relation with their head who will come and stand against the head of good. Early in history one spirit was divided into two after the discrimination of bad and good. So they became two teams with two heads.
    The symbolic task of drinking the blood and eating the flesh initiated by Jesus Christ came from his belief that the soul is in the blood. And as he offered his soul to his followers he will restore it next live. It appears logic that we learned that the square pulse contains the sum of all signals.

  • I wont to bee a masony

  • Hierophantes de says:

    If Darkness is likened to ignorance and Light is likened to Knowledge…
    Should we remove one from the pitch black Darkness of a closet to the brilliant Light of a bright sunny day… Would not he who was in the closet be as “Blind” in the Light as was he in the Darkness?

    So by Reason such path – from Darkness to Light – from Ignorance to Knowledge – must logically be in gradual steps… by Degrees if you will.

    Additionally Knowledge in and of itself is truly of little consequence should not during the path to its attainment “Proper Application” too is unveiled so with that said Knowledge may come Wisdom.

    And by what stretch of the imagination might Wisdom lend itself to Evil; for such – Evil is little more than the betrayal of one’s own prejudices, pride, ego and other elements contraindicated in that which can only be proffered for the betterment, yeah even advancement of humankind.

    A path exists, not all understand its realities even when placed before their eyes for it is not man that may truly impart Light into the Soul of man but He alone Who is the Grand Architect of the Universe… even the Living Soul is His gift that made of dust a man.

    All Volumes of Sacred Law seek a Path whereby life eternal (immortality if you will) may be earned through the “practice” of the Great Work that is the daily prosecution of our very lives. Seek within any and you find we are indeed our Brother keeper.

    Aught we not feed the hunger, clothe the naked, shelter those in need. If we take not up the responsibility of those near to us in whatever fashion our means allow by what prideful and selfish thought might we feel nah believe we are deserving of being in the company of He who is the Fatherhood of man while we have been made the Brotherhood of man.

    From Taoism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam and even the aboriginal traditions it is through the Great Work we are judged. Is it not so stated in the Christian Volume, Revelation 20:12 & 15, that it is by our Works we are judged? Even the Tao (Dao) speaks to Cultivation and Refinement as the path to immortality. And though veiled (much study of politics and power will uncover why) Judaism (its esoteric tradition) too agrees with the Hindu and Buddhist practices that led to the escape from a cycle of birth and death (reincarnation) it is no more than a process to learn (evolve correctly if you will) to perfection and eternality. Though the same politics and selfish desires for power and wealth denigrate Truth when it suits not their ends we find even in Christianity some of its own Early Fathers of the “Church” – Orgen of Alexander for one – held fast to the concept of Reincarnation.

    So does it mean Reincarnation is a truth or simply a contradiction to an agenda, like Easter and Christmas (both found wanting in a thorough study of the Volume of Sacred Law its so-called proponent put forth as “truth”).

    Parting the veils placed to keep light from those who would otherwise be found not worthy nor well qualified with such jewels is no less than protecting pearls from before swine (have we not read they (the swine) will stomp the pears under foot and turn to rend he who spread them?).

    The first three degrees reach out to the curious aspect of man. All too often notions in his world fail to answer questions his inner heart seeks to know so he seeks elsewhere while others are merely curious. And so the journey begins and the path, a syllabus if you choose, is laid out before the aspirant for Light. Should he “practice” that which is placed before him he will gain more; should he choose to be a parrot or another “social butterfly” he will not realize nor apply the great secrets just beyond the veil that he may part if he will but do the Work and found worthy by only HE who may judge of such things…
    Is it not said in one Volume of Sacred Law; within the book of Matthew the 25 chapter in verses 29-30, “29 For unto every one that hath shall be given, and he shall have abundance: but from him that hath not shall be taken away even that which he hath. 30 And cast ye the unprofitable servant into outer darkness: there shall be weeping and gnashing of teeth.”
    The boy stood outside the tavern and cried wolf… or was it a girl and a shed… or an Asian and a tea house. But then again if we learned not to cry for help when not needed, we might not jeopardize getting help when we do… does it matter? Boy or girl or Asian; tavern, shed or something else; for that matter does it matter if any of the “players” in the fable ever existed at all?
    Yet, in the name of God millions die in “holy wars”, and for Allah infidels are treated less than dogs and the billions of Christians and religion’s “followers” around the globe and still clean water, food to live, shelter and protection from evil is lacking and WE have the means to make it not be so.
    Power, wealth, ego and the selfish realities of many that can prevent the import things tha are our responsibilities to go undone.
    Freemasonry takes good man and makes them better… for all our numbers we are few but we have made a positive effect upon humankind for many many years and we will continue to do so even though ther are some that malign and disparage our good intent. We shall always prevail for we are in the knowledge of the Fatherhood of God and the Brotherhood of man.
    Are you truly ready for a sunny day? Truth will crumble falsehood and one must choose to change and adapt that Truth or call it a lie and He who sent it a Liar.
    From Christ, to St Andrew, to Jacques de Molay, to Malcolm and Martin the messengers are frequently done away with. Is it any wonder we meet under the cloak of “perceived” secrecy hidden in plain sight.

    • Tai Carmen says:


      I’m so sorry that I missed this comment when it first came in. My apologies for the tardy comment approval & reply. Sometimes these things slip through the digital cracks. But I am very interested to be reading it now.

      You make a wonderful point in all regards & certainly one which supports the ultimate goodness & genuine seeker-hood at the heart of the Masonic order. I certainly don’t wish to disparage anybody without proper information…this is an old post & I should revisit it, perhaps for a few revisions.

      It is simply a subject so shrouded in mystery—and of interest to seekers outside of the order, as well as reality questioners, who wonder at conspiracy—that I wanted to explore it as much as I could, even with the limited information I do possess.

      I do understand however that we seekers & keepers have been persecuted throughout history & talking about one’s spiritual path & traditions in a direct, transparent way, which is not readily understood by the masses, can invite unwanted negative attention. Hence the tendency toward esotericism.

      From your assertions it does sound like the Masonic way is yet one more Upright path of the Perennial Philosophy of human refinement. I’ll take note. 😉

      On on!


  • Mike says:

    If interested, please get back to me by mail at the following address:

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